Ever changing homes

The Bloomingville collections are Danish design combined with the Nordic trends of the moment. We design and create our collections – always keeping your ever changing home in mind.

Bringing happiness through change

Bloomingville’s design philosophy can be expressed in just four words – create joy through change. Because we love natural simplicity and because we are deeply inspired by everyday designers. How they, with great passion, keep their homes constantly changing, creating a sense of happiness and well-being.

“We do not design to dominate homes, rooms or people – but to support them. It is our ideology to let each one be creative with our products and apply them to their wishes.”

Every season we introduce new products and styles to give our users new inspiration. And we work hard to give them as many opportunities as possible. Even if it means hundreds – yes, sometimes thousands – of new goods, we never compromise on our passion as designers. Each item is discussed, evaluated and enhanced by our design team, and it will only become part of the collection if it really makes us happy.

Creative Director Helene Fast and her design team are always looking for things that at first glance seem imperfect. It is exactly what you can know about Bloomingville’s design – on the soft and finely rounded finish and bright inviting Nordic look that creates a relaxed feel.

We strive to be the design brand that has the greatest influence on happy change. As a rule, just a few Bloomingville products should be able to change a whole room’s look and add surprising, refreshing and stylish changes.

And a little more joy.