A new season of interior wonders – AW18 is here!

The beloved Nordic design, an impressive color scale and a touch of decadence form the key ingredients of the new AW18 Bloomingville season. The collection invites in every possibility of combining materials, colors and styles as always with the goal of letting everyone become their own interior designer.

The previous seasons Bloomingville has been playing with alluring elements of the extravagant Art Deco style, but is now moving determinedly towards a favored natural and Scandinavian expression with a hint of the well-known elegance that characterizes the designs of Bloomingville. This autumn, the power of colors and the carefully selected materials are destined to make a deep and striking impact.

The trend of the season is strongly underlined in the new autumn/winter collection. There are no rules when it comes to decorating the home. The collection favors endless possibilities of merging old with new, blending minimalist, natural looks with rich details and playing with various textures, shades and patterns. The combination of simple styles and textured materials will both support and renew the flashing items from the previous seasons – letting true extravaganza reinforce this strong Nordic collection. Keep it authentic and personal, and don’t be afraid to show character and style.

While staying true to the Nordic simplicity, the calm, basic shades, and the raw natural materials, Bloomingville tunes up the season with a dusty yet powerful range of colors. In an elegant way, the classic terrestrial hues are supported charmingly by a soft mustard tone, a trending rusty orange, an elegant rosy nude and a deep, timeless and cherished blue. While the light and natural tones set the scene for quiet contemplation and a bright lifestyle, the deep and more gutsy colors will reveal a more personal touch to the homey atmosphere.

Explore the stunning new styles of the AW18 collection on www.bloomingville.com and be inspired for a season of Nordic decadence. The collection is already on its way to stores all over the world.

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