Behind the scenes of Bloomingville MINI

Looking at the gorgeous MINI collection from Bloomingville we have had the pleasure of talking to Nanna, the very talented designer behind the MINI collection. Immerse yourself in the MINI universe and get an exclusive view on the thoughts behind the successful MINI collection.

Inspiration from childhood memories
Nanna uses her very own personal experiences and role models to take inspiration from. She is especially fan of the designer Donna Wilson, who has a cool twist to the otherwise commercial kids designs. Sven Nordqvist also has a big admirer in Nanna, who can spend the entire day exploring his illustrations, which are full of little mini worlds.

This autumn/winter 2016 collection is also designed from the designer’s childhood memories. The circus theme has played an important part in her life and represents a safe place to enjoy yourself and have fun:
The circus is such a magical place, and I think everyone has at least one amazing childhood memory involving the circus. That is why it would be the perfect setting for an imaginative and fun new kids collection. Of course we have made the circus theme our very own, that is why you will only find the iconic Bloomingville Scandinavian forest animals in this circus”.
Nanna adds to the story: “My favorite item must be our bamboo fiber tableware set. I really hope that the little circus illustrations will bring some extra fun to the dining table”.

Colors with personality
In the design process it is important to take into consideration the very delicate and detailed work with the unique children’s illustrations. Colors are also dominant leaving a huge impression on the collection: “Working with a new collection I always start out with a range of soft pastels, and then I add the stronger colors. I always keep in mind if it is a summer/spring or autumn/winter collection. Spring/Summer colors must be bright and clear and Autumn/Winter colors can be a bit fuller and dustier. For the AW16 collection, we have added many purple shades to the colorcard – they are a great match for a cozy autumn collection”.

What to expect?
As always, Bloomingville has cool new designs ready for the coming Spring/Summer 2017 MINI collection embracing lovely illustrations and playful colors. The collection is launched December 1 2016 along with the stunning new Bloomingville Spring/Summer 2017 collection. You can explore the collections on

The Company
Bloomingville is an international home interior company founded in 2010.  Designed exclusively in Denmark, Bloomingville’s unique products offer high design at accessible price points, delivering happy changes to everyday designers worldwide.

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