Bloomingville launches new KIDS collection

Press Release, June 2016
BLOOMINGVILLE launches new KIDS collection

June 2016 Bloomingville launches a new KIDS collection. A new collection that will be a part of the Bloomingville universe of Nordic Home Interior, including seasonal home accessories, kitchenware, a separate MINI collection, a Furniture collection with gorgeous upholstery furniture’s, bed & bath products and much more for the everyday designer.
The collection is launched together with the Autumn/Winter collection 2016 and will reach stores end summer 2016.

“We have done a thorough research and discovered this golden opportunity in the market. KIDS interior are well sought after and we off course are happy to meet these demands. We see the KIDS collection as a natural add-on to the classical Bloomingville collection”. Betina Stampe, Creative Director, Bloomingville, explains.

The KIDS items are naturally inspired by the Bloomingville style you know and love.  This leaves you with endless styling possibilities in the children’s room with your child as a co-designer.  Betina adds; “The KIDS collection is based on our philosophy that everyday designers – even young ones – can bring happy changes to a room. It is perfect for the parents who care about interior design and give attention to the small details; matching the Bloomingville style, KIDS will help create a cohesive and stylish look throughout the home”.

The collection is divided in two categories: A cool and edgy category for boys with graphical prints, strong color contrasts and atypical shapes to match the trendy boy room.  Pillows, tableware and home accessories express the boys’ state of mind just sublimely with harsh colors and spot on visuals.

A strong feminine sense characterizes the girl category for the self-conscious girl. Nude, peach, gold and a hint of coral for a sharp contrast define the color palette for the modern girl’s room. The fabulous girl accessories with cool drawings and nice prints will complement the Bloomingville look perfectly.

Betina ends: “We are looking forward to seeing the KIDS items in the stores and following the category to grow even bigger and popular”.

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