Bloomingville Management looking back at 2017

As we are heading towards a new year and new possibilities, the management team of the Danish interior company, Bloomingville, is looking back at the year gone by and with it the future possibilities and challenges to come. A new organizational structure, a new take on the commercial collection, a continued focus on the customers and an aggressive market approach are elements that not only made impact within the year of 2017 – Bloomingville management predict, that these headlines also will be of great importance in 2018.

As of august 1st 2016, former Director of the Danish labelling company A-TEX, Jan Jacobsen, joined the established interior company, Bloomingville, as CEO. Soon he appointed Kenneth Steenbjerg as Commercial Director and thus head of the Sales Department and responsible for leading the exiting journey to come for Bloomingville.

Although having knowledge of and third part experience with the business, both Jan and Kenneth accepted their positions with a somewhat limited firsthand experience within the interior scene:
The first six months we have worked very hard getting to know the industry; during this process, we definitely believe, that the business holds some unexploited potential, that we intend to take fully charge of. We see many new possibilities for Bloomingville AND for our customers, a highly interesting intersection where it is possible to generate value for both Bloomingville and customers. This is where we are going to put our energy for the year to come”, Jan and Kenneth agree.

While getting to know the industry and the company, they now are in charge of, Jan and Kenneth have made some organizational changes during 2017 to prepare for the increasing market demands:
“It has been a pleasure entering the Headquarters and experience the genuine job satisfaction amongst Bloomingville employees. This feeling we want to grow and make sure it continues to live throughout the organization. That is why we have spent a great deal of time making the right organizational structure; including investments in new resources. We need to prepare Bloomingville for the future challenges and we believe, that with the team now on board, Bloomingville is ready to reach new levels”.
Jan and Kenneth have high expectations for the newly set organizational structure. They have no doubt that the team possess the right skills and competencies to make a difference in the market; what makes the difference is a positive attitude, a passionate mind and a committed engagement, and only the sky is the limit.

With the right team to support them, Jan and Kenneth have also had time to make other important discoveries. Through their Bloomingville journey, one thing is clear: Customer is king.
“We have great respect for the Bloomingville DNA and the impact on the industry, Bloomingville has made since it’s very beginning. The development the company has undergone is amazing, and we are grateful and humble to be a part of this journey. With this in mind, our mission is to bring Bloomingville even closer to the market and our customers. We CAN make an even greater difference for our customers; now our job is to show them how. One thing they can count on is, that we do not bring any collections to market without being sure we can create value for our customers”.

Talking with Jan and Kenneth and learning about the visions for Bloomingville, leaves you eager to learn more. Learn more about the organization, about the collections to come and not least what they have planned of new refreshing initiatives for Bloomingville. Without revealing all their business secrets, it still shines through that the two of them are passionate about the business, the company and the customers. They are filled with high hopes and excitement for the future and the pride and love for their work will take them all the way.
“We have set the right team. Our aggressive market strategy is executed and on its way to make big changes. 2018 we are ready for you; ready to beat the competition”, Jan and Kenneth conclude with a firm handshake and a warm smile in their eyes.

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