Bloomingville presents new strong Mini collection

Bloomingville recently launched their wonderful Autumn/Winter 2016 collection including the stunning new Bloomingville Mini collection.

The Mini collection was first launched spring 2015 and has since then been growing rapidly each season. The collection is unque in both design and style with a Nordic and contemporary take on home interior, including toys, textiles, tableware and much more, for the young ones. The beautiful drawings and distinct illustrations are the signature of the collection leaving a personal and strong expression for everyone in the family to love.

Be brave – join the circus
The Bloomingville Mini collection is this season build upon a circus theme. We see a distinct reference to the circus world in terms of dancing ballerinas, circus clowns, jogling artist, acrobats, strog men and much more. All characters the little ones can relate to and wish to have as decoration and toys in their room.
However, like always Bloomingville has updated the traditional view on the circus and we now see the inspiration in the right Bloomingville context: Hedgehogs and bears walk the rope, foxes are doing acrobatics and big bears poses like strong men.

Collection news
A new tableware in organic bamboo is introduced to the collection. It comes in two versions, for boys and girls, and has the lovely circus characters as print. The tableware comes in a package and serves perfect as a maternity gift or just to spoil the youngest in the family.

New toys is also to be found in the Mini collection: Food made of wood to fit the mini stove, tools to fix mum and dads chairs and table and a computer is of course also neccesary to keep updated with the latest news. Soft teddy bears and bedlinen is still a part of the gorgeous collection and comes in lovely pastel colours to match the rest of the home.

Enjoy the fabolous Mini collection and learn more at
Contact for further information.

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