Rethinking tradeshow standards

This autumn/winter 2016 the fast growing wholesale company, Bloomingville has attended nothing less than 13 tradeshows covering both grand interior tradeshows in Europe and the US. This strong focus causes a renewed tradeshow setup to show off the Bloomingville universe in the best way possible.

Following the Bloomingville development

While being innovative and always keeping in mind an ever-changing organization, it was also a natural consequence of the Bloomingville brand development to update and improve the tradeshow setup. Bloomingville stylist, Helene, elaborates: “Bloomingville as a brand and organization has gone through a great development over the last few years. The style and overall look of our products has indeed changed which the tradeshow stands need to portray”.

Nordic simplicity

Entering the Bloomingville stand on a tradeshow you will find a simple look leaving the products standing out. In tune with the Bloomingville universe, the surroundings are calm and inviting, giving all the attention to the products: “We have created the perfect settings to display our beautiful collection. The surroundings are Nordic, simple, clean, refreshing and still with the Bloomingville personality in terms of colored walls, welcoming lights and small significant details to give edge and character. The collection shines in this environment”, Helene explains.

Welcome news!

With a collection ranging from delicate home accessories and rustic kitchenware to Nordic furniture and unique children accessories, the tradeshows need a coherent and convincing expression: “We focus on all our lovely novelties! We have so many cool news to show off and they all deserve a prominent place at the tradeshows. That is why you will only find new styles at the stands. All the great bestsellers and Bloomingville signature pieces you can find on our brand site and in our web shop”, Helene smiles and adds; “As something new, we have made specific trend zones for this season tradeshows. This will help visualize the season trends and thus make it easier for the customers to find the must-have styles. It is also a way of showing how to style the trends so the customers can adopt it to their stores. It is pure inspiration”.

Bloomingville has high expectations of the newly launched tradeshow setup. It is innovative, original, personal and commercial all at once.

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