Summer crush: Pineapples!

Press Release, August 2016
Pineapple love
One of the micro trends we see in the fashion industry this summer is the pineapple. This spiny tropical treat is not only to be found in this seasons quirky fashion picture but is also enjoying a subtle revival in the interior design industry; and what says summer better than a pineapple?

Pineapple chic
The pineapple is super on trend and fun!
It is a trendy little motif that easily can spice your home with very little effort and add natural summer vibes to a setting.

The Bloomingville pineapples are naturally interpreted according to the true Bloomingville spirit. They are Nordic, fresh, stylish and inevitable in your summer ensemble.
In the Bloomingville assortment, you will find the stylish gold pineapple all ready to add extra flavor to your home décor. The gold pineapple is perfect to include in a summer party and it looks fresh when paired with a crisp white setting. The dusty green and purple pineapples are perfect to bring your interior design up to date and still manage to stay true to your existing décor. When going for the white pineapple you will add a splash of summertime in the Nordic way.

No matter the color, the pineapple is just the right accessory for a warm and fun-loving summer.

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