Meet our Founder

Betina Stampe is Founder of Bloomingville. Check out how she gets inspired, keeps her passion alive and why she thinks it’s fundamentally rewarding for most people to be in touch with their ability to change their surroundings.

"We deliver happy changes to everyday designers"

Kind regards Bloomingville

Bringing happiness through change

The Bloomingville design philosophy can be conveyed in just four words. Not only because we love natural simplicity, but also because we’re deeply inspired by everyday designers – by how they, with great passion, keep their homes ever changing as a way to feel happy and alive.

“We do not design to dominate homes, spaces or people, but to support them – to let users be creative with our products as they please.”

Every season we introduce new products, designs and styles to provide our customers with new inspiration. And we work hard to give our fans as many opportunities as possible. Even though this often means hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of new design items, we never compromise our passion as designers. Every single object is drawn by hand. It’s discussed, evaluated and improved by our design team and will only go into the collection if it truly makes us happy.

Creative Director Betina Stampe and her executive design team are always looking for things that seem imperfect at first glance, and that’s what makes the Bloomingville design recognizable. Bloomingville is the epitome of  the soft and nicely rounded finish together with the light and welcoming look, which together creates a relaxing feeling.

We strive to be the design brand with the strongest power of change in the world. As a rule, just a few Bloomingville items should be able to make the entire home look surprisingly refreshed and stylishly confident.

And a bit happier.