2019 trend guide

Natural living in the happy home

Embellish your home with natural looking accessories to reveal your true personality, creating a homey style filled with earthy colors, relaxing vibes and a tranquil atmosphere.
The international home interior company Bloomingville predicts a natural trend for 2019, bringing in a cozy outdoor feeling to the everyday designer’s home.
Working in the field for several years, Creative Director, Helene Fast is excited to introduce Bloomingville’s newest collection, as she presents it; a collection of life, warmth, balance, simple living, and Nordic treats.

“We bring in a palette of earthy colors and natural elements, creating a down-to-earth, calming setting at home. That’s the way to go in 2019, if you want to take part in the new trend of combining the outdoor feels with indoor settings”, Helene Fast says.

Natural living
A true natural feeling is key to 2019 interior trends, encouraging a variety of natural materials, leaving plenty of room for greenery expos and refined home accessories, applicable to every living space at home.

“With a strong focus on plants to provide balance and a calming sensation among home accessories, the kitchen trends similarly take on natural looks and organic shapes. Seek to mix different patterns across materials, such as inevitable wooden kitchen items and handmade ceramics in varied glazing”, Helene Fast continues.

Greenery atmosphere
Emerging from the roots of a Nordic design tradition, Bloomingville’s new collection continues to favor a natural and Scandinavian expression with a hint of the well-known elegance that characterizes the designs of Bloomingville.

“The new trend is centered around bringing nature inside; flowerpots and plants of all kinds will intertwine with the indoor terrain, applying colors inspired by nature; colors to encourage peaceful spaces and happiness”, Helene Fast says.

Helene Fast accommodates the natural trend of the season and happily shares her design tips: “Let the warm, natural styles stand out to impress with their fine, original details. Apply natural elements of raw materials, such as bamboo, jute, and rattan, combined with plenty of greenery to create a personal living space and add a perfect, tranquil touch to your home”.

Awesome bamboo
This year the key ingredients for trendy living will be an indefinite heaven of pure and natural tone-on-tone colors, creating a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere. The strong and sustainable material of bamboo gets special attention in 2019 due to its ability to create an exotic and cozy look. It proves a perfect match for the outdoors and works well with various indoor accessories.

The upcoming trends for 2019 promise a celebration of everything natural and beautiful, making a gesture to the Nordic simple living and the happy home. Dive further into the new trends of the Bloomingville SS19 collection on www.bloomingville.com and be inspired for a season of natural living.

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