AW19 launch

Three interior décor universes gathered into one stunning collection

In welcoming back the autumn/winter season, the international home interior company Bloomingville not only launches a new AW19 collection, but three brand-new Bloomingville universes, each with its own unique design line and captivating story.


This season Bloomingville enters the home interior  arena with a fascinating AW19 collection that turns autumn/winter into a wonderland of three gorgeous thematic universes; the three themes COZY, NORDIC and ATMOSPHERE are a manifestation of this season’s ever-present trends; offering a scenery of natural and dazzling home décor; contemporary styling with clean lines and quality materials; seductive feminine details and sensory experiences, leaving plenty of room for exploration and keeping the beloved Bloomingville spirit close at heart.

The AW19 collection offers a palette of stylish interior décor shaped with the sole purpose to mesmerize and empower the everyday interior designer; enabling her to style a unique home with a distinct look while staying true to the understated touch of elegant Nordic aesthetics.


A cozy, Nordic atmosphere

The AW19 collection takes home interior to a whole new level guided by its three beautiful themes. A mélange of natural earthy hues, minimalist Nordic expressions and alluring designs perfectly characterize the beautiful thematic collection by Bloomingville.

COZY – serenity, warmth and tranquility

The rich and lavish, yet perfectly balanced COZY theme, takes its point of departure from wonders of nature, introducing a soothing natural color scheme that allows for an intimate and all-embracive setting. Bamboo, wood and terracotta are important elements in COZY, providing for a caring look with room for personal interpretation.

NORDIC – classic minimalism

NORDIC is a combination of classic elements that create a beautiful and simple look with emphasis on natural-looking home décor and remains true to its Scandinavian roots. The color range is wide, spanning from cold blues and greys to warm deep rose and brown. Put together with raw metallics and soft wood, the look is pure NORDIC.

ATMOSPHERE – a magical sanctuary

ATMOSPHERE is rich in memorable sensory experiences and sleek-styled oriental inspired visuals and furniture; alluring dark purple, enchanting forest greens and trendy curry and rose are colors framing the collection to embrace a universe of femininity, intensity, secrecy and dark romanticism.


Extending the natural and trendy botanical feels from previous collections, AW19 is an impressive showcase of abundant Bloomingville styles that seamlessly integrate and accentuate every taste and unique personality, providing every home with character and depth. The collection is open to interpretation and strongly encourages mixing and matching across the themes to create that perfect yet imperfect setting, making happy living in the ever-changing home possible.


The impressive AW19 collection stands out on the home interior scene, as a gesture to home interior fashionistas, introducing new styles and the favorite categories of tableware, bed and bath, and outdoor furniture to suit every home.


Be among the first to view the gorgeous thematic autumn/winter collection by Bloomingville of beautiful and unique season news. The new styles are already on their way to stores worldwide.

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Bloomingville is an international home interior company founded in 2000. Deeply rooted in the Danish aesthetic tradition, Bloomingville’s unique style offers contemporary design at accessible price points, delivering happy changes to everyday designers worldwide.

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