AW19 Creative Collection launch

Embrace the new autumn/winter season with Creative Collection by Bloomingville and get acquainted with the wonderful design selections of a new design line HARMONY; a great addition to the creative family of wonderful themes and interior décor. The collection will take you on an unforgettable journey, filled with uplifting designs and original products; a truly joyous celebration of nature and authentic living.

Living life to the fullest and embracing every aspect of it, perfectly characterizes the Creative Collection by Bloomingville; the AW19 Collection is no exception to its core brand values, encouraging a focus on lifestyle within home décor, rather than strictly adhering to the forecasted trends of the season. Introduced last season with much success, the Creative Collection yet again takes you on a magical voyage through intriguing and unique universes of stylish home décor.


A thematic shopping experience

In providing uplifting designs that welcome both rich tones, rugged textures and natural materials, Creative Collection offers a fascinating thematic shopping experience. The collection is divided into the five unique themes of HARMONY, COLLECTED, GATHERINGS, TERRAIN, and FLEUR DE SEL; with each theme compelling to the confident consumer, who loves the thrill of treasuring unique, handcrafted décor that tell a story or associate with beloved memories.

The themes share the brand ethos of authentic living and provide every home with character, light and shine. From African inspired items to styling focussing on form and function applied a neutral color palette, makes it easy to integrate Creative Collection into existing home décor. The product assortment range from the perfectly imperfect styling of raw, handmade items, colorful Moroccan inspired styles that create a strong ethnic touch, to calm shorelines and beautiful oceanic horizons, through bright and marine inspired designs, following soft bohemian trends to make dreamy hideaways.

HARMONY is for the individualist, who wants to make her home feel like an extension of herself. The selection has room for both minimalist home accessories and grandiose statement pieces.

COLLECTED is known for its variety of styles, all being centre of attention in a room with life, character and shine; flamboyant elements of shiny brass and African inspired patterns pair with rustic and vintage looking news to treat you with grounded yet powerful interior decoration.

The GATHERINGS collection reflects the needs of the everyday life, where form and function meet to become adopted into the busy family endeavours. The color scale is neutral leaving plenty of possibilities to fit in with existing home décor.

TERRAIN is known for the perfectly imperfect style with attention to raw, handmade items. This season we engage even more in the colorful Moroccan inspired style and you’ll find graphical patterns on baskets and cushions; a strong ethnic touch mark the design line of the collection.

FLEUR DE SEL FLEUR DE SEL creates a dreamy hideaway where a bright, rustic and soothing look is leading the thoughts to a view of calming shorelines and beautiful oceanic horizons. A marine inspired look and soft bohemian trends are characterizing FLEUR DE SEL; the possibilities with this collection are many.


Unique and limited designs

Creative Collection stands out amongst other interior design brands because of its distinct design philosophy, creative design line and attention to handmade items. It’s a collection out of the ordinary because of its diverse approach to design; a tribute to globally-inspired patterns and original styles exhibiting a light-hearted approach to living that all-together constitute the spirit of Creative Collection.

Creative Collection is an ever-growing compilation of selected unique pieces of interior décor, such as deco, votives and founds that come in varied shapes and engraved distressed wood reminding of mesmerizing antique relics of the past.

Embellish your home with African inspired patterns and earthy textures in leafy green and natural brown to create a beautiful and personal look. Creative Collection share an undeniable love of mother nature’s elements with rustic décor pieces and furniture made from natural materials like recycled wood, rattan, and cane.


Enjoying authentic living

The international home interior company Bloomingville introduced its American sister brand Creative Collection in 2018 and has seen its popularity increase amongst consumers.

Anne Post, Creative Collection Brand Ambassador, is excited to share the treasured stories that Creative Collection offers and believes the distinct design philosophy is a strong indicator for the collection’s appeal to a specific segment in the market.

“Creative Collection is a twisted sister; she brings to life – authentic living in the sense of living life to the fullest; focusing on the nomadic everyday interior designer, who loves to share and show her life’s journey, captured by expressive home décor, yet pleasing color schemes in earthy hues and beachy looks – a true reflection of the brand’s American roots”.

“I believe the interior design arena strongly needs a brand like Creative Collection; it is a perfect alternative to the dark Nordic inspired minimalistic trends that dominate the interior scenery. Creative Collection offers a product line that accommodates the current direction amongst consumers to embrace individuality and unique person ways of being – and that is crucial to Creative Collection. The brand is about people, being true to oneself and earnest living and this should be focal point within interior décor.”


In offering a complete setting for styling and inspiration within home décor, the new theme HARMONY particularly enriches the thematic shopping universe with a…

Creative Collection is a lively design line; a brand focusing on the confident consumer, who loves…

authentic to the original products and the creative design line.


Let yourself be amazed by all the wonders of the Creative Collection by Bloomingville and enjoy the new AW19 season. The new styles are already on their way to stores worldwide.

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Creative Collection

Bloomingville is an international home interior company founded in 2000. Deeply rooted in the Danish aesthetic tradition, Bloomingville’s unique style offers contemporary design at accessible price points, delivering happy changes to everyday designers worldwide.

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