Find the holiday spirit with a classic, yet trendy Christmas

The 2018 Bloomingville Christmas collection is here – ready to unfold the cozy Christmas spirit in homes all over the world. The lavish feel and sophisticated color combinations from the spring/summer trend shine all the way into this year’s divine Christmas collection. However, the nuances have changed to darker winter versions like blushing pink and emerald green mixed with true Christmas classics like dark red and shiny gold. The result is an extravagant, yet cheerful Christmas collection that will amaze every interior fashionista.

Bloomingville Christmas 2018 is more colorful than previous Christmas collections – letting the darker color scale enhance the mood of the season, thus creating the perfect cozy scenery for the joyous family time of the year.
A wonderful example is the charming JOËLLE tableware series in deep red and dark green that brings the perfect holiday spirit and personal style to the Christmas table. And this is exactly what Christmas in 2018 is all about; selecting the unique styles that form true individuality and promote a personal touch in the home décor.
The new Christmas décor presents a contemporary look for classic and traditional motifs such as cones, reindeers, Christmas trees, stars and hearts. The new stoneware ornaments are dressed up in a stunning and shining mother-of-pearl glaze, while other pieces are given a more rustic surface, well-known to the natural and homey Bloomingville style.

The true magic of Christmas is of course revealed in the thoughtful and caring gifts selected for friends and family. With a distinct and personal wrapping, you add an important personal touch to yet another aspect of Christmas. An exclusive velvet ribbon or a decorative ornament attached to the package tells a different and more intimate story in the gift exchanging. In the Bloomingville Christmas collection you will discover numerous accessories and special wrappings, that will help you do the job.

Explore the stunning new Christmas pieces on and be inspired for a genuine Bloomingville Christmas. The collection is already in stores all over the world.

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