Spring Summer 20 launch

Bloomingville showcases three new interpretations of the ever changing home

Get ready to embrace new ways to enliven your home with preeminent and art inspired interior design for spring/summer 2020, as Bloomingville tables yet another mind-blowing collection true to its promise of delivering happy changes to the everyday designer.

The international home interior company Bloomingville is pleased to share its three new takes on this season’s trend. Full of nostalgia and a line-up of impressive interior design, Bloomingville welcomes the spring/summer season with artistic expressions, significant shapes and aesthetically pleasing hues. Enjoy the familiar homey vibes significant to the Bloomingville DNA dispersed into all three design lines: Nordic, Cozy and Nostalgia; three unique collections that represent the diversity of Bloomingville beautifully. It is with great excitement that Bloomingville invites you on a trip down memory lane with its new design line, Nostalgia; home interior with the emotional purpose of recreating the past in the presence through its wide selection of décor and furniture. In keeping with tradition, the Nordic design line amazes with a new focus on abstract expressionist artwork nicely integrated into its portfolio of appealing décor. Devoted to a bohemian lifestyle, the Cozy design line encourages diverse interpretations of the season and remains faithful to natural materials and personal décor. In SS20 you will find great admiration for intimate styles and distinct approaches to interior design without compromising good quality.

A powerful Nordic expression
The aesthetic Nordic design line is defined by minimalism and functionality. Though, the interpretation of minimalistic interior design is coined by a warm celebration of the items we love, rather than having a stringent clutter-free focus. The Nordic collection stages a palette of home accessories that soften the space by adding textures, harmonic colors of balanced blues, and organic shapes to create calm oceanic feels for an inviting Nordic ambience. Ready to captivate everyone with its fascinating and perfectly balanced aesthetics, muted colors and multiple functions; the collection is a truly Nordic showcase of supreme designs.

Bohemian COZY
Experience a cozy bohemian twist with Bloomingville’s Cozy design line that offers a diverse collection. The collection maintains its close ties to nature and keeps its promise of providing a heartfelt sensation at home. Inspired by a “more-is-more” philosophy, Cozy boasts of a life full of passion and provides multiple styling options by adding décor, colors, and patterns from across the world. Cozy contains a lot of warmth and structures deriving from soft wooden materials, gold and burned and reddish tones in the color card. Unfold your inner designer and indulge in the beautiful mixture of Cozy feels to find your own personal taste for spring.

Modern Nostalgia
The Nostalgia collection is like a recollection of the past and represents modern sentimentality with its mix of contemporary styles and carefully selected items of interior décor that will make you reminisce on beloved memories. The pleasant and utmost beautiful design line will refashion the home with a touch of feminine vintage. Enjoy the tender and velvety color-scale, where dark purple and soft rose are dominating the interior scene. The feminine expression is supported by faded surfaces, painted metal and antique gold to create the ultimate nostalgic feeling. The new SS20 collection by Bloomingville leaves plenty of room for the everyday designer to live her dreams, providing a comprehensive list of beautiful home décor and three design lines to seek inspiration from to create the desired styling for spring/summer. Versatility and sculptural cues are the center of attention in SS20, encouraging a revival of the home for a brighter season yet to come.

Be inspired by the newly added furniture and key items; take notice of the many styling options; and make sure to incorporate the Bloomingville spirit into your home. Find more inspiration about the SS20 collection at bloomingville.com. For further information about Bloomingville, or requesting a press login, please contact press@bloomingville.com.

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