Welcoming a new year with natural spring trends

While lying in wait for green trees, blossoming flowers, and warmer weather, the Danish interior design company Bloomingville launches a new collection for spring and summer styling, preparing us for a season of natural outdoor living and comfortable wellbeing in- and outside the happy home. The Spring/Summer 2019 trends reflect a tribute to life, warmth, and simple living, creating personal surroundings for quiet contemplation and a mindful refuge from the hectic everyday life both online and on-the-go. The new collection from Bloomingville offers a personal, balanced style and celebrates its Scandinavian origin with cozy, natural, raw elements and exquisite, Nordic treats.

Green living
Spring/Summer 2019 is all about uniting in- and outdoor living. The natural, green elements find their way into our living rooms, while traditional home accessories and charming furniture create a homey and laidback sensation on the terrace. Bloomingville’s SS19 collection supplies an abundance of hanging flowerpots in airy glass, warm stoneware, cozy natural materials and cool metal, creating the perfect greenery environment for the season. Along with the new, charming series of SOLE and VIDA bamboo furniture, SS19 outdoor styles provide a wonderful, exotic setting for summer reclining and outdoor living – inviting for a true summer celebration.

Imperfect, breathtaking dining
The new kitchenware from Bloomingville offers a breathtaking style for every taste, whether you’re into raw, Nordic elegance, the traditional, cozy, and patterned Bloomingville look, or getting on board with summer dining and tapas treats. The KENDRA and HAZEL series showcase the essence of Nordic spirit, where their raw and rustic stoneware qualities meld with a down-to-earth simplicity. Smooth glazing and unique designs adorn the NATASHA and MAYA series, while no less than three new series of tapas-inspired tableware feed our cravings for sundowners and social dining with friends and family on the patio. Presenting a wide selection, Bloomingville’s line up of enticing tableware makes a beautiful impression of natural living.

Bringing happiness through change
Words as natural, Nordic, cozy and personal sum up the true sense of the Bloomingville spirit, as well as underlying the guiding principles for SS19. In keeping with tradition, Bloomingville delivers a collection in line with both interior and living trends, offering a personal and balanced style with the promise of providing true happiness to ever changing homes. Spectacular, trending designs, and special, handmade items leave a unique expression in every home, essential to the mission of Bloomingville.

Explore the stunning SS19 collection on www.bloomingville.com and be inspired for a season of natural living. The new styles are already on their way to stores all over the world.

For further information or a press login, please contact: press@bloomingville.com.

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