Christmas décor

Ra Tray, Black, Metal

Ra Tray, Black, Metal

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Get in the real Christmas mood with Christmas decorations

From the caches you find boxes and cases filled with Christmas decorations and Christmas items. It's all lovingly unpacked, and all the Christmas decorations are proof that now it is soon time. Christmas is here.

Small Christmas trees for decoration on tables and shelves, decorative paper stars hanging down on the windowsill and hangings with angels and stars around the home - together the Christmas decorations create exactly the Christmas magic we have dreamed of and looked forward to.

The box with Christmas tree decorations and Christmas items is often a good mix of something new, something old and something that the children have made. With Christmas decorations from Bloomingville, you add a Nordic twist. We have collected a lot of beautiful hangings, ornaments, decorations, and Christmas trees, so you can find the perfect modern Christmas decorations to create warmth in your home.

Christmas decorations in soft colors

Christmas decorations can really bring the whole family together when it comes to decorating. It is therefore obvious to make a cozy day out of it, where you eat Christmas cookies and at the same time decorate the home with nice Christmas decorations. Here, both young and old can help to make their mark on the Christmas spirit in the home setting.

Decorate with our modern Christmas decorations in fine muted Christmas colors. We have been inspired by the brown and golden shades that fit into any home. Many of our Christmas decorations are made from natural materials such as mango wood, birch, and paper, which create a calm universe.

Of course, you can also find Christmas items in the classic colors like red and green at Bloomingville, which you can match with the Christmas decorations in muted colors and shades.

Our Christmas decorations offer both classic motifs and modern decorations and ornaments. So, whether you're into Christmas trees, stars, Christmas balls, cute animals, elves, spruce cones, angels, or something completely different, it's all something you can find in our Christmas assortment.