Home office & entrance

Malaga Bag, Nature, BambooMalaga Bag, Nature, Bamboo


Malaga Bag, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 149,00

Maltha Coat Rack, Black, MetalMaltha Coat Rack, Black, Metal


Maltha Coat Rack, Black, Metal

RRP 28,90

Mas Mirror, Brass, MetalMas Mirror, Brass, Metal


Mas Mirror, Brass, Metal

RRP 339,00

Nella Box w/Lid, Brown, ResinNella Box w/Lid, Brown, Resin


Nella Box w/Lid, Brown, Resin

RRP 62,90

Neoma Box w/Lid, Black, ResinNeoma Box w/Lid, Black, Resin


Neoma Box w/Lid, Black, Resin

RRP 62,90

Panill Mirror, Brass, MetalPanill Mirror, Brass, Metal


Panill Mirror, Brass, Metal

RRP 99,90

Tobi Magazine Holder, Nature, BambooTobi Magazine Holder, Nature, Bamboo


Tobi Magazine Holder, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 79,90

Abigail Mirror, Brass, MetalAbigail Mirror, Brass, Metal


Abigail Mirror, Brass, Metal

RRP 459,00

Aoi Hanger, Gold, MetalAoi Hanger, Gold, Metal


Aoi Hanger, Gold, Metal

RRP 5,50

Sade Coat Rack, Brown, MDFSade Coat Rack, Brown, MDF


Sade Coat Rack, Brown, MDF

RRP 33,50

Valde Clothes Rack, Black, MetalValde Clothes Rack, Black, Metal


Valde Clothes Rack, Black, Metal

RRP 479,00

Nordic design for the home office and entrance

The entrance and the home office are often two slightly overlooked spaces when it comes to decor. We think this is a shame, as it is two rooms with lots of potential. In fact, just a few items can make your entrance and your home office personal and cozy to stay in.

At Bloomingville, we have everything for the interior design of the entrance with hooks, mirrors and storage solutions - all in a trendy Scandinavian design. You can also create a brand new and cozy home office with our exclusive office supplies.

Decorate your entrance so that it’s both practical and inviting

Your entrance is the very first thing your guests see when they visit you. We can actually say that the entrance is the first impression of your house or your apartment. Should it be a random impression or a beautiful space? We would go with the last one.

Storage, storage and a little more storage. It is crucial in an entrance that must accommodate jackets, shoes, bags, hats and gloves and everything else that you use daily when you go out of the door. You can store much of it away in a large cabinet in the entrance, but the things you use every day, you can advantageously choose to have in front.

At Bloomingville we have everything for the decor of the entrance. On our beautiful coat racks in a stylish Nordic design, you can hang your own and your guests' jackets. We also have coat racks for children with cute motifs, which you can hang at a height where the children can reach it themselves.

In the autumn and winter, extra space is needed for hats, gloves and scarves. You can store them in a nice basket or practical storage box on wheels, which you can, for example, roll under a bench.

Create a cozy entrance with mirrors and trinkets

Most people look straight into the mirror before walking out the door. Nor can we see ourselves free to do so. The hair needs to be checked and is there something between the teeth? By having a mirror in the entrance, you can easily see how the hat fits with the rest of the outfit or quickly straighten the bangs.

At Bloomingville, we have a large selection of beautiful mirrors for the entrance - both the standing and the wall-mounted. The round ones, the oblong ones and the ones with very special shapes. And then there are several of our mirrors also with built-in shelves. We know how important it can be to have a place for all the little things.

Although the primary function of the entrance is to be practical, it must also be cozy. Create a personal style in your entrance by placing selected jars for keys, for example. And decorate the room with vases with either dried or fresh flowers. As a finishing touch, you can place a scented candle, which spreads a wonderful scent as soon as the door opens. Welcome.

Decorate the office you want to be in

The home office is probably here to stay. Maybe you already have an office, but often end up sitting at the dining table and working as it is cozier. The reason is that you need to set up your office so that you feel like sitting there all day and working.

An office should be inspiring to sit and work in. Few people want to sit in a boring room with white walls, a table and an office chair.

At Bloomingville, we have everything you need to create a personal and cozy home office. Dive into our hand-picked selection of exclusive office supplies, fine storage boxes and stylish magazine holders. Complete the decor with a comfortable rug on the floor, an armchair in the corner, pictures on the walls and a green plant in a flowerpot to give more life to the space. Enjoy your work.