Candle holders

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Create a homely feel with candlesticks

You automatically turn up the coziness completely with the living flames, which add atmosphere to the home regardless of the season. When you put light in fine candlesticks, they also decorate the home, even if they are not lit. The candlesticks thus create a warm and beautiful still life in your home.

Bloomingville has a large selection of candlesticks for both candlesticks and tealights. They are available in many different designs and materials that appeal to all your senses. The candlesticks are designed in our well-known Nordic style, which oozes aesthetics.

Atmospheric candlesticks in your home

We love to style and decorate our homes with a cozy expression. Therefore, a candlestick is also much more than just a candlestick. We light candles when it's a birthday. We light the candles in the candlestick when we invite to a nice dinner. We also turn on the lights at home when we just need an extra touch of coziness with the added glow.

Candlesticks in different designs and materials can be adapted to the exact atmosphere you want to create. A sculptural candlestick can highlight a graphic expression in a hallway or entrance hall. Tall candlesticks made of glass create an exclusive look that decorates both the dining table and a low bookcase in the living room. Small tealight holders are great to mix and match on the coffee table or on the shelf.

You can therefore use candlesticks for many things and on different occasions. They can create an intimate atmosphere around the dining table, light up the living room on a dark evening or create a spa atmosphere in the bathroom.

Beautiful candlesticks - choose the right one

At Bloomingville we have many different candlesticks to choose from. The right candle holder for your home depends on your style and where you want to place it.

If you are into glass candlesticks, we have many beautiful ones to choose from. Tall, low, for tealights and candlesticks, in colored glass or in clear glass. The advantage of glass candlesticks is that they are simple in expression and easily blend into your decor.

We also have brass candlesticks, which are a classic decorating object. The brass candlesticks add a luxurious look, and they are simply beautiful to have standing on the dining table. Brass candlesticks never go out of style, so they are a sure design hit for your home, no matter where you place them.

Our stoneware candlesticks are almost a small work of art in themselves, and they are obvious to have standing on the shelf, on the shelf or on the windowsill as decoration. Regardless of size and color, they help to add an informal and cozy atmosphere to the home.

Styling tips for candlesticks

Candlesticks have moved right onto the trend scene, and Instagram is booming with delicious candlesticks filled with colorful lights. We believe that every home benefits from the atmospheric atmosphere of candlesticks.

You can use candlesticks in your interior in different ways. Get inspiration here for how you can style your candlesticks:

1: Mix materials such as brass and glass and create a different still life with your candlesticks.

2: Several candlesticks in colored glass can be assembled on a wooden tray or in a round wicker basket, which emphasizes the nuances and creates harmony.

3: Brass candlesticks are a timeless classic that moves into your home and stays there. They are great to place on top of a marble table or a smaller marble slab.