Asbjorn Deco Bowl, White, Paper Mache

Handmade statement pieces in shape of a decoration bowls made in paper mache. Use for storing jewelry etc

Our paper mache items are made from cellulose fibers extracted from various sources and converted into pulp. The remaining material consists of wood fibers, recycled newspaper, vegetable matter, and recycled textile fiber etc.

The pulp is soaked in water for three or four days. It is then put in a stone mortar and ground so that all the pulp is identical in its consistency. Afterwards the materials are mixed and held together with the help of binders, and made into vases and bowls etc. When the pulp is ready, wooden, or brass moulds are used to make the required shape. The pulp is then layered, by crossing the layers over each other, until the required thickness has been obtained and the object is in the right shape.

Paper mache makes a perfect storage for rice, legumes, and flour.

D15xH10 cm, Set of 3



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About the productHandmade statement pieces in shape of a decoration bowls made in paper mache. Use for storing jewelry etc
Product dimensionD15xH10 cm, Set of 3
Main MaterialPaper Mache
CompositionPaper Mache
Content ml.NA
Dishwasher safeNo
Food approvedNo
Microwave safeNo
Other SpecificationsHandmade. Variations in size and shape will occur
Oven safeNo
Product FinishThis item is only for decoration. Do not fill with water.

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