Kesa Storage Box w/Wheels, Nature, Paulownia



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About the productWhen your children have played with toys in every room of the home, have them roll this box with them. They can roll it to each room and pick up the toys and then roll it back to their room. It will make clean up much more easy and even a bit of fun for the children
Product dimensionL60xH40xW45 cm
Main MaterialPaulownia
CompositionPaulownia wood

Bloomingville MINI is children’s go-to Nordic design source, a delightful world of wooden toys, charming teddy bears and cool colors to inspire the imagination and enthuse everyone, from toddler to ‘tween’.

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Theresa Bligaard, designer at Bloomingville, gives you her season favorites from Bloomingville MINI for the little ones.

Theresa Bligaard, Designer