NO. 3 - Santal Fig Scent Diffuser

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CollectionNO. 3 - Santal Fig
Information du produitScent diffusser in a beautiful blue matte glass container with silver plated top, which goes perfectly when styled in a group with other home accessories in your favorite spot of the house. The scent is handpicked and brings notes of fruity, flowery and woody notes. The Scent diffusser come in a beautiful gift box - perfect for any occasion.
Dimensions du produit100 ML. - 5 x Paper Reeds - Gift box - D7xH8 cm
Matière primaireScent Liquid
CompositionScent Liquid, Glass, Paper
Couleur de la bouteilleBlue
Finition de la bouteilleGlass bottle with silver lid and plastic plug.
Instructions d'entretienThe more reeds you use, the more scent you get.
Contenu100 ml
Durabilité8 to 12 weeks. Depending on room temperature, humidity, ventilation and how many reeds used
Famille de parfumsGreen, fruity.
Boîte cadeauYes
Bâtonnet5 x Reeds, H:24 cm, Cellulose/Paper, Black, 100 % biodegradable
Description du parfumSweet, fleshy fig is topped with Persian galbanum, milky white flowers, and creamy coconut all blended with lighthearted sandalwood and earthy amber.
Notes du parfumTop notes: bergamot, lemon. Heart notes: fig tree leaves, fig fruit, jasmine, green. Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk.

ILLUME x Bloomingville est un univers de parfums d’intérieur nordiques composés de bougies parfumées et diffuseurs certifiés faits exclusivement à partir d’ingrédients naturels et purs.

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