Christmas 2019


Winter is coming – it’s time to wake up your inner child and Christmas enthusiast! Explore the new Christmas collection anno 2019 through four new thematic lines with inspiration for every interior fashionista: Elegance, Traditional, Vintage & Holiday.

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AW19 Collection


Please welcome the amazing world of Bloomingville anno AW19. A unique constellation of new trendy themes made to adore different households with their own personal interior design style. From oriental-inspired home decor in deep colors, rustic and homey interior looks to clean, Scandinavian lines, the breathtaking themes; COZY, NORDIC and ATMOSPHERE, are sure to impress.

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AW19 MINI Collection

A wonderful new world

Get ready for a new wonderful MINI universe of AW19! The charming Bloomingville characters have moved to new homes within the MINI category and are now playing in their own favorite theme, choosing between: Nordic Wonderland, Magical Fairy Tale, Animal Universe or World of Imagination – the adventure begins now, so grab your kids and come along!

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AW19 Creative Collection

AW19 Creative Collection

Enjoy authentic living with the new AW19 season from Creative Collection. A gorgeous thematic universe that provides you with uplifting trends welcoming both rich tones, rugged textures and natural materials into the five themes of Creative Collection. Meet a unique fresh mix of colors, materials and structures pleading to enrich your home.

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Bringing happiness through change

The Bloomingville design philosophy can be conveyed in just four words. Not only because we love natural simplicity, but also because we’re deeply inspired by everyday designers – by how they, with great passion, keep their homes ever changing as a way to feel happy and alive.

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