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Home interior to everyday designers living and loving happy changes. Share your style. Tell your story. Change your home.


Authentic living making homes individual and personal. A collection of characterful styles and upcycled treasures with stories to tell.


Welcome into a cozy and playful universe of aesthetic home interior for the little ones in the family, designed in a timeless Nordic feel to fit into every room – come along!


We bring beauty to life through fragrance. For any style, any space, anyone. That's ILLUME®.

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Bloomingville supplies interiors to more than 7000 retailers around the world. The catchy collections and cozy designs have over the years gained a place in many homes and customers demand the products. Do not deceive yourself of the opportunity to become part of our retailer network - we look forward to welcoming you.

Contact us today and discover how our service-minded team helps you get started as a Bloomingville retailer. You will be greeted by happy and professional employees who are passionate about making your business grow through Bloomingville's designs. Let's talk about your options or start by reading about your options and benefits below:

Wide product range with more than 3000 item numbers
Our collections consist of a large selection of interior for every home - and for everyone in the family.

Four unique brands with categories such as: 
Furniture, kitchen accessories, MINI, outdoor, textiles, Christmas, fragrance for the home, and much more.

Excellent customer service
Our team represents different nationalities and a wide range of languages - your garanty for excellent customer service!

The best B2B platform
Easy to use and with all the info you need.

Sales texts in four languages
Our sales texts are available in English, Danish, French and German.

Imagebank - Easy access to pictures and product info
It is easy to provide data, whatever you are looking for information about products, images, prices, or inspiration for your social media.

Inspiring content – free to use
As a Bloomingville retailer, you are more than welcome to be inspired by our website, newsletters, and social media.

Weekly inspiration for you
Our newsletters focus on all four brands, so you will be continuously introduced to products across brands and collections.

We are sure that together we can create something absolutely fantastic - and we look forward to welcoming you into the family.

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Driven by a fascination for Nordic style and living, Bloomingville was established in year 2000. It happened with such great passion and success, that the company became part of Regent Holding in 2014. Bloomingville was then launched in US, taking the new market by storm with a Scandinavian take on home interior designs.

Today, Bloomingville has been adopted by millions of homes as both a brand and a multi-brand house, releasing four main collections, various in-season collections and one gorgeous Christmas collection annually. The massive popularity and growth have not changed the Bloomingville mission: Delivering happy changes to everyday designers just like you. We are grateful for the first 20 years of doing so, and we hope to do so for many years to come.

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