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Get inspired by the season of natural living with the new delightful SS19 collection. The new collection is a tribute to our Scandinavian design roots, embracing Nordic coziness, warm surroundings and simplicity. Step into a unique universe of natural colors and materials, that brings out a personal look to enrich your home interior style.

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Charming MINI news

Dive into the new, incredible MINI universe! This season, the trend of the MINI category is the use of organic materials like wood and bamboo for toys and furniture pieces - creating the right amount of style and natural charm. So, bring your kid along when exploring the wonderous SS19 MINI news.

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Jungle collection

Create a home full of personality and life with the new Jungle trade show collection of expressive hues, elegant décor and exotic patterns. The collection is the epitome of the botanical trend with light colors and natural materials being fundamental - elements that truly represent the season and trends within the home décor right now.

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Get ready for the season of cozy domesticity with the new stunning AW18 collection. The new collection is a tribute to the simple and natural look that defines Scandinavian design, revived with a touch of new Nordic decadence. Meet a unique mix of colors, materials and structures pleading to enrich your home.

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