A scent of home in every room

ILLUME x Bloomingville is based on our wish to establish a serene universe of clean home fragrances, creating an all-embracing feel in every room. In 2020 that wish becomes reality with ILLUME x Bloomingville, a close collaboration with the world leading expert in the field of home fragrance, ILLUME. With great attention to details and a wealth of knowledge, ILLUME is known for quality, style, and trend, giving us the ultimate foundation for creating the new line-up of handpicked natural scents. Together we have created a compelling home fragrant universe true to our beloved Nordic design tradition in both look, feel and scent. And that is not all.


The new scents from ILLUME x Bloomingville are certified scented candles and diffusers made from all-natural and clean ingredients. Every item is free from toxins and genetically modified essential oils and compliant with European law. The selection of diffusers all come with biodegradable reeds and our candles are crafted from 100 percent natural soy wax and 100 percent pure cotton wicks. They are paraffin free and contains no petroleum, nor animal products and beeswax. The carefully selected fragrances are based on a mix of natural scents and essential oils with a high fragrance load for maximum appeal, tested to perfection.

The carefully selected candle jars are perfect to reuse as votives when the scented candle has burned to the end of its usefulness. Leftover wax can be removed easily by freezing the candle jar as wax shrinks as it freezes. Leave the jar in the freezer and use a butter knife to gently remove the frozen candle wax. Simply remove any leftover residue with warm soapy water. Find an entire Candle maintenance and fragrance guide here and get a complete home fragrance experience with your new scent for your home.

ILLUME x Bloomingville

A serene new universe of home fragrance

Get a scent of home in every room with the two new lines of natural scented candles and reed diffusers. Created with the Nordic Bloomingville touch, with passion and circumspection, and in collaboration with the world leading expert in the field of home fragrance, ILLUME. We promise you a world of pure room scents for your home you cannot live without.

ILLUME x Bloomingville