Getting ready for warmer days

A warm welcome into the florist's spring sprouting garden and green house. With warmer weather upon us, Bloomingville and Creative Collection visit the florist, Annette Holm, to guide and inspire you on how to get your outdoor living areas ready for springtime enjoyment.

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Korfu Modular Furniture

The series consists of modules, which can be combined in different ways to adapt to needs and spaces. The Korfu furniture series is an obvious opportunity to create a customized piece of furniture. 

You are the designer...

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Welcome outside

Bloomingville Outdoor collection inspires to create atmospheric surroundings outside with room for everyone in the family.

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Christmas 2022

Explore our two beautiful design lines, Nordic and Cozy, and a collection of unique and nostalgic styles for decorating the home for Christmas. This wonderful time of the year is magical and joyful for everyone, with everything it brings. Christmas is about giving and loving – appreciating what is right in front of us and spending time with our loved ones.

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Our designers' favorites

“The collection is inspired by the ever-changing home and the need to let ourselves be surrounded by light and nature, to celebrate that spring is here. We seek to create an atmosphere in our home that awakens our senses with colors, textures, patterns, and scents. An atmosphere that we appreciate living in.”

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The everyday designers

Find inspiration for decorating the home in our styling tips and in our visits to everyday designers

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Styling tips

Explore our styling tips for all brands: Bloomingville, Creative Collection, Bloomingville MINI, ILLUME x Bloomingville. We love to inspire and update the site regularly with new tips from the season's trends.

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