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Explore our styling tips for all brands: Bloomingville, Creative Collection, Bloomingville MINI & ILLUME. We love to inspire and update the site regularly with new tips from the season's trends.

Welcome outside

Bloomingville Outdoor collection inspires to create atmospheric surroundings outside with room for everyone in the family.

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Celebrate spring

Can you feel it? The happy changes? Spring is here and we are ready to inspire you with some easy spring DIY’s to freshen up your home.

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Getting ready for warmer days

A warm welcome into the florist's spring sprouting garden and green house. With warmer weather upon us, Bloomingville and Creative Collection visit the florist, Annette Holm, to guide and inspire you on how to get your outdoor living areas ready for springtime enjoyment.

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Happy Glamping!

Come along when Bloomingville and Creative Collection moves out in the nature and designs the most beautiful glamping environment.

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Christmas 2024

This wonderful time of the year is magical and joyful for everyone, with everything it brings. Christmas is about giving and loving – appreciating what is right in front of us and spending time with our loved ones.

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Inspiration for the children's room

Welcome into a cozy and playful universe of aesthetic home interior for the little ones in the family.

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For the pets

Only the best is good enough...

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Your and our favorites

Explore favorites

Happy New Year!

Let's celebrate New Year's Eve together and toast to a new year with new experiences...

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Know your fabrics

Bloomingville offers an impressive furniture assortment, upholstered in high-quality fabrics with a firm focus on both price and functionality.

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The everyday designer

The everyday designer... who is it? The answer is actually simple...

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Make the home personal and authentic with FOUNDS from Creative Collection. 

Each FOUND is made from upcycled stones or wood. Handpicked by our designers, the FOUNDS are repurposed from their original intent to reemerge as truly remarkable home décor with stories to unfold. Use them as statement pieces and keep an eye on FOUNDS on your travels - hidden treasures are everywhere. 

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Artistic decor in the home

Create a personal artistic gallery with art on the floor and walls, gathered randomly in small still lifes, for a relaxed look.

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A guide for perfect towels

Get our best tips and tricks on how to get the best towels that will remain soft, wash after wash!

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Room scents

Get a scent of home in every room with the natural scented candles and reed diffusers from ILLUME x Bloomingville. Created with the Nordic Bloomingville touch, with passion and care, and in collaboration with the world leading expert in the field of home fragrance, ILLUME.

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The cozy kitchen

Get inspired on how to create a cozy and atmospheric kitchen by decorating.

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Decorating the home office

Find a quiet moment to be inspired in your home office by surrounding yourself with designs you love.

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Decorating the bedroom

The bedroom is the place for sleep and relaxation. Get inspiration on how to create a cozy and personal bedroom right here.

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Wellness in the bathroom

The bathroom is the place for wellness. Get inspiration on how to create a cozy bathroom that creates a feeling of well-being.

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Decorate with marble

We can't get enough of marble! The popular material is beautiful, raw, and completely unique. Explore our wide selection of marble interior.

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Join the cup trend

Unique cups and mugs are popular like never before.

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Complete your cleaning experience

We like to clean up, organize, and have a fresh start before (re)decorating our homes. If you ask us, cleaning with nice cleaning tools is much more appealing and inspiring!

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Candle guide

Bloomingville offers a wide range of beautiful candles. Find below our guide on how to use Bloomingville's candles correctly.

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Sweet gift ideas

Treat your friend, family or neighbor by showing your care and appreciation with a carefully selected gift

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Guide: How to care for bamboo furniture

Bamboo is a strong and light material, but like all natural materials, it requires some care to maintain its beauty. Here are our tips for maintaining and caring for your bamboo furniture...

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Beautiful shapes and silhouettes

Dive into a world of beautiful shapes and silhouettes.

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