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An environmentally conscious mindset and responsible decisions

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Bergamo Bag

Every conscious step towards sustainability is important. It matters to our world now and in the future. We believe that baby steps towards immersing the use of plastic are an important step for sustainability. Help take care of our world and the environment by choosing a recyclable bag.

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Cooperation with UNICEF

At Bloomingville, we want all children in the world to thrive and have the opportunity to live a safe and good life. In collaboration with UNICEF, we work for a safer environment and a more sustainable future for all the children of the world.

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We believe that sustainability is an integral part of all the decision-making processes and is a long-term commitment.

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Code of conduct

We are committed to running a responsible and sustainable business Ensuring that our products are produced under responsible conditions stands at the core of this commitment, and in fulfilment of our ambition, we expect our partners – suppliers, subcontractors, agents, and other business partners – to operate responsibly and act with integrity, fairness and responsibility in all aspects of their business

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