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We like to clean up, organize, and have a fresh start before (re)decorating our homes. Explore our essential cleaning tools and textiles, that combines aesthetics and practicality to complete your daily cleaning experiences.

Cleaning the home can actually be made into a pleasant experience and we all probably know the feeling afterwards when the home is clean and tidy. Can't quite find the joy in it? Maybe following our ideas for cozy cleaning below will help you:

  • Loud (and good) music is a must! Find your favorite playlist and turn up the volume
  • Start by collecting knick-knacks and small parts on the dining table or similar, so you can easily clean the surfaces.
  • Open the window and let fresh air fill the room.
  • Do the dishes, empty the bins, shake the carpets to remove dust (outside), and put laundry in the laundry basket.
  • Fill a bucket with fragrant soapy water and find your favorite cloth in the cupboard - we all have that favorite one, right? Wipe surfaces with a wet cloth (if the surface is suitable for it) and afterwards with a dry one.
  • Take time to put things back in place - enjoy the opportunity to place your favorite things in a new place in the home - we love happy changes!
  • When you're done, light a scented candle, and serve yourself a hot cup of coffee. Job done - it's time to enjoy!

If you ask us, cleaning with nice cleaning tools is much more appealing and inspiring!

Feel free to be inspired by our happy cleaning essentials