Guide: How to care for bamboo furniture

Learn our tips and tricks for maintaining your bamboo furniture

At Bloomingville, we offer a wide range of bamboo outdoor furniture. The bamboo furniture combines functionality and aesthetics, making it a perfect addition to any outdoor decor. It is easy to move and rearrange as needed and creates a warm, cozy, and exotic atmosphere on the terrace, in the garden, or the orangery.

Bamboo is a strong and light material, but like all natural materials, it requires some care to maintain its beauty. Here are our tips for maintaining and caring for your bamboo furniture:


Preserve the natural color

To maintain the beautiful natural color of bamboo furniture, we recommend regular maintenance. Wipe your bamboo furniture regularly with a damp cloth and a little organic natural soap.

Spring & autumn care routine

To provide extra protection, the furniture should be treated in the spring and autumn with an oil or transparent wood protection, specifically designed for bamboo furniture.

Ensure the longevity

We recommend that you store your bamboo furniture indoors during the cold and wet winter months, and under a covered area for the rest of the year. This will protect your furniture from direct sunlight and rain, and prevent the bamboo from becoming dark and undergoing permanent color changes.

Emely Cushion, Yellow, CottonEmely Cushion, Yellow, Cotton


Emely Cushion, Yellow, Cotton

RRP 64,90

Sole Sofa, Nature, BambooSole Sofa, Nature, Bamboo


Sole Sofa, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 549,00

Korfu Deck Chair, Nature, BambooKorfu Deck Chair, Nature, Bamboo


Korfu Deck Chair, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 139,00

Kita Cushion, Brown, CottonKita Cushion, Brown, Cotton


Kita Cushion, Brown, Cotton

RRP 54,90

Ginger Throw, Green, WoolGinger Throw, Green, Wool


Ginger Throw, Green, Wool

RRP 84,90

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