The everyday designer

The everyday designer... who is it? The answer is actually simple, because the everyday designer is you and me – all of us. The everyday designer is an expression of the fact that we are all our own designers in the home and in the spaces that surround us. This means that we all decide for ourselves how we want to decorate our homes when it comes to design and style.

So, when mentioning the everyday designer, it can be anyone; the young person who has just moved into their first apartment, the family in the detached house, the owner of a café on a southern beach, the elderly person who moves from a house to a smaller home... all of us. And common to all is that we create happy changes.

We all live differently and see the unique in different things. Some prioritize the practical and sensible, some the trendy and others the aesthetic and beautiful. Many combine new with old and get a personal expression out of it. All ways are correct. We are all everyday designers...

The everyday designer is your voice... It is your place to embrace the good in life and express it through feelings, moods, and considerations, which can point in all directions.


Be your own everyday designer...!

'My home is furnished with the things I value most; the vase from the holiday with my best friend, the candlestick from a flea market, and beautiful cushions from the local interior shop. When I look around the living room, I only see things that make me happy, and I love being at home in my base – that's quality of life.'

- The everyday designer