All for the bathroom

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Nordic interior design for your bedroom and bathroom

Make the personal spaces in the home inviting and embracing with soft towels, beautiful bathroom series and trendy toilet bags in a stylish Nordic design from Bloomingville.

Decor of the bedroom for cosines and tranquility

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home as you spend over a third of your life in bed. Your bedroom is home to sleep and relaxation, where you recharge for the next day. Therefore, the space must also reflect this. Choose a calm color on the wall and cozy lighting. When you need to decorate your bedroom, keep in mind that there shouldn’t be a lot of disturbing elements or clutter.

A bedroom with hotel-feeling

Would you like to feel like you are in a hotel in your own bedroom? Then choose a beautiful and decorative headboard for your bed. You both get something to lean on when you sit in bed and read a book, and at the same time a headboard that will frame your bed in a nice way that looks like a beautiful hotel room.

Complete the look of your bedroom with a beautiful bedspread that will make your bed look nice and presentable. The finishing touch is of course some cushions that fit into the color theme and style that you have chosen in the bedroom.

Soft rugs on the floor

Most homes today have wood floors throughout including the bedroom. Whereas the bedroom was once characterized by wall-to-wall rugs, the style today is more to select one or more smaller rugs. Choose one or more rugs and place them halfway under the bed or in front of the wardrobe. In addition to being decorative, it is wonderful to step out barefoot on a soft rug in the morning.

Decorate the bathroom with a stylish design

When it comes to decorating your home, the bathroom may not be at the top of the list. But in fact, the bathroom is a space that is extra nice to stay in when the details have just been taken care of.

Hang a beautiful closet on the wall where you can store and exhibit your perfumes and jewelry. You can hang the necklaces on a fine jewelry stand, while rings and earrings can be placed in a decorative bowl.

Laundry baskets and toilet buckets that are beautiful and decorative

Laundry, of course, belongs in a bathroom, but who says a laundry basket should be boring? At Bloomingville, we have a selection of different laundry baskets in wicker and bamboo that are anything but boring. They are both beautiful and practical.

It's a bit the same story with the toilet bowl. A must in the bathroom but not the nicest element of the room. But it can be with one of Bloomingville's stylish and decorative toilet buckets.

A bathroom with well-being

Soft towels and comfortable bath mats. Two things in the bathroom that can really make a difference to the bathing experience. Instead of storing the towels away in a closet, the trend right now is to roll the towels and put them in a basket or on a shelf. It looks both inviting and gives a feeling of being in a spa. If you really want a spa feeling, turn on a scented candle and let the scent spread.