Children’s room

Moony Shelf, Nature, SeagrassMoony Shelf, Nature, Seagrass


Moony Shelf, Nature, Seagrass


D65xW15 cm

RRP 149,00

Mushroom Bag, White, PolyesterMushroom Bag, White, Polyester


Mushroom Bag, White, Polyester


H40xW35 cm

RRP 16,90

Mushroom Cushion, Red, CottonMushroom Cushion, Red, Cotton


Mushroom Cushion, Red, Cotton


H40xW38 cm

RRP 59,90

Nelas Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water HyacinthNelas Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Nelas Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


L63xH26xW40 cm

RRP 94,90

Oswall Coat Rack, Blue, LotusOswall Coat Rack, Blue, Lotus


Oswall Coat Rack, Blue, Lotus


L30xH26xW6 cm

RRP 39,90

Palle Soft toy, Brown, PolyesterPalle Soft toy, Brown, Polyester


Palle Soft toy, Brown, Polyester


L110xH20xW20 cm

RRP 54,90

Philine Wall Basket, Nature, RattanPhiline Wall Basket, Nature, Rattan


Philine Wall Basket, Nature, Rattan


L46xH90xW13 cm

RRP 99,90

Pingo Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water HyacinthPingo Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Pingo Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


L44xH47xW38 cm

RRP 139,00

Puk Jar w/Lid, Brown, StonewarePuk Jar w/Lid, Brown, Stoneware


Puk Jar w/Lid, Brown, Stoneware


D7xH12 cm

RRP 19,90

Puk Jar w/Lid, Grey, StonewarePuk Jar w/Lid, Grey, Stoneware


Puk Jar w/Lid, Grey, Stoneware


D10xH15 cm

RRP 24,90

Roam Flowerpot, Hanging, Yellow, CeramicRoam Flowerpot, Hanging, Yellow, Ceramic


Roam Flowerpot, Hanging, Yellow, Ceramic


L19,5xH12,5xW8,5 cm

RRP 13,90

Rubert Soft toy, Nature, LambskinRubert Soft toy, Nature, Lambskin


Rubert Soft toy, Nature, Lambskin


L33xH33xW33 cm

RRP 169,00

Nordic home décor and toys for the children’s room

Spoil the little ones in the home with sweet and soft toys, the finest play kitchen with wooden toys and children's furniture for the children's room - all in a trendy Nordic design from Bloomingville MINI.

With furniture, toys and accessories from Bloomingville, you can create a unique room that fits exactly to your child, whether you need to decorate a boys 'room or a girls' room.

Decor of the children's room

In recent years, it has become more and more trendy to decorate the children's room equally with the adults' room. In the children's room, there must be room for play, coziness and creative expression, but it must also be styled, so it’s nice to look at and a nice place to be.

You are only limited by your imagination when you (perhaps together with your child) will decorate a cozy, fun and creative children's room. You need to keep in mind that this is a place where your child has to spend many hours. Most often, a children's room is not just a place where the child sleeps. It is also where the child plays with toys, dresses up and reads books.

It can be a great idea to divide the room into zones such as the "sleeping zone", the "play zone", the "creation zone", the "cozy zone" and so on. Then the room will appear more harmonious and it’s easier to clean up when everything has a space.

With a well-appointed children's room, you can create cosines and the best conditions for your child's sleep, play and learning.

Boys 'room or girls' room?

Are you going to decorate a boys 'room or a girls' room? At Bloomingville, we have a wide selection of products to suit both boys and girls. Right now, the trend within the children's room is unisex with colors like brown, natural and yellow. Therefore, you will experience many of these colors in our assortment. But of course, you will also encounter pink, green and blue.

In our optics, there is no such thing as boy and girl colors. All colors suit all children. And no matter what your child's favorite color is, you can find a product in just that color at Bloomingville.

Storage is important

Think storage and a little more storage when decorating your children's room. There must be room for all the children's toys, creatures, clothes and so on.

At Bloomingville you can get storage furniture that is both beautiful and practical. In our drawers you can store the children's clothes, toys or creations so that it’s easy to take out.

We also have a selection of different boxes and baskets, which are obvious for toys, as they can hold large quantities. Especially those on wheels are smart, as they can easily be driven exactly to where the child wants to play.

It's always a good idea to get things off the floor. You can do this by hanging nice shelves and display boxes on the walls. Here, the children's fine toys can be exhibited - either for play or decoration.

Toys for the children's room

Children's room rhymes with play. At Bloomingville, we love creative children's games, which is why our range of toys for the children's room ranges from soft teddy bears to wooden musical instruments.

We have toys for the quiet and cozy games for children who love to make puzzles, play with teddy bears, play puppet theater or go for a walk with the doll carriage.

Should there be a little more noise? Let your children be the home's little chefs in their own play kitchen with accompanying play food in all shapes and sizes, which they happily serve to the guests in their restaurant. Or watch the child play craftsman with a hammer and screwdriver when something needs to be repaired in the home.

Most kids love music. Watch your children unfold their musicality on one of our musical instruments, and sing good, old children's songs in the meantime.

Whatever the game may be, you can find the toys that are right for your kids at Bloomingville.

Beautiful children's furniture in high quality

Are you looking for unique children's furniture that is both practical and beautiful? At Bloomingville, we have high-quality children's furniture with cute and quirky details. Here you can find an exciting selection of desks, beds, chairs, tables, shelves and coat racks.

Books are important for children's play and learning - from the first books until the child begins to read. Give the books a central place in the room with one of our bookshelves that evokes memories of the library. When it gets dark, the child can choose which book mom or dad should read as a bedtime story.

Sleep is crucial for children. That is why our beds are of high quality and at the same time beautiful to look at. Then the children feel like going to bed. Hang a bed canopy over the bed and create a cozy cave atmosphere for both night and day.

In all ages, it is important that the child has a place where it can unfold its creativity. It can be a comfortable chair for reading or a table and chair set for homework or creative pursuits.

Is there anything that your child especially loves? Highlight it on our decorative coat racks. They have space to hang the bag, favorite jewelry or show off the costumes.

The small details make the difference

It is often the small details that make all the big difference - this also applies to the children's room. With a selection of unique accessories, you can create personality and extra coziness for your child.

A lot of play with children takes place on the floor. Lay an inviting rug on the floor so that the game becomes more comfortable for both adults and children. Choose soft and colorful cushions to spice up the bed or cozy corner - here even a small child can be part of the decision.

Remember the walls! Decorate the walls with posters, flagpoles, mirrors or beautiful wall decor. From the ceiling you can hang mobiles that create calm and coziness when the child needs to sleep.

There are many options when you need to create a beautiful and inviting children's room - but remember to take the child with you for advice in relation to the decor of the room. We have learned that even at a young age they know what they want (and do not want).