Home Office

Belina Shelf, Brown, Reclaimed WoodBelina Shelf, Brown, Reclaimed Wood


Belina Shelf, Brown, Reclaimed Wood

RRP 99,90

Catya Table lamp, Brass, MetalCatya Table lamp, Brass, Metal


Catya Table lamp, Brass, Metal

RRP 139,00

Claes Shelf, Brown, Suar WoodClaes Shelf, Brown, Suar Wood


Claes Shelf, Brown, Suar Wood

RRP 24,90

Curt Shelf, Black, MetalCurt Shelf, Black, Metal


Curt Shelf, Black, Metal

RRP 109,00

Diesel Table lamp, Black, MetalDiesel Table lamp, Black, Metal


Diesel Table lamp, Black, Metal

RRP 139,00

Emaline Table lamp, Nature, MarbleEmaline Table lamp, Nature, Marble


Emaline Table lamp, Nature, Marble

RRP 195,00

Emilia Table lamp, Nature, StonewareEmilia Table lamp, Nature, Stoneware


Emilia Table lamp, Nature, Stoneware

RRP 229,00

Emiola Table lamp, Black, Marble


Emiola Table lamp, Black, Marble

RRP 145,00

Etty Table lamp, Green, StonewareEtty Table lamp, Green, Stoneware


Etty Table lamp, Green, Stoneware

RRP 185,00

Fabiana Table lamp, Brass, PolyresinFabiana Table lamp, Brass, Polyresin


Fabiana Table lamp, Brass, Polyresin

RRP 155,00

Fabiola Table lamp, Blue, GlassFabiola Table lamp, Blue, Glass


Fabiola Table lamp, Blue, Glass

RRP 155,00

Freddi Shelf, Brass, MetalFreddi Shelf, Brass, Metal


Freddi Shelf, Brass, Metal

RRP 54,90

Nordic design for the home office and entrance

The entrance and the home office are often two slightly overlooked spaces when it comes to decor. We think this is a shame, as it is two rooms with lots of potential. In fact, just a few items can make your entrance and your home office personal and cozy to stay in.

At Bloomingville, we have everything for the interior design of the entrance with hooks, mirrors and storage solutions - all in a trendy Scandinavian design. You can also create a brand new and cozy home office with our exclusive office supplies.

Decorate the office you want to be in

The home office is probably here to stay. Maybe you already have an office, but often end up sitting at the dining table and working as it is cozier. The reason is that you need to set up your office so that you feel like sitting there all day and working.

An office should be inspiring to sit and work in. Few people want to sit in a boring room with white walls, a table and an office chair.

At Bloomingville, we have everything you need to create a personal and cozy home office. Dive into our hand-picked selection of exclusive office supplies, fine storage boxes and stylish magazine holders. Complete the decor with a comfortable rug on the floor, an armchair in the corner, pictures on the walls and a green plant in a flowerpot to give more life to the space. Enjoy your work.