Bloomingville MINI – Autumn Winter 2022

Welcome into a cozy and playful universe

This season we meet characteristic circus characters as we enter a magical and enchanting universe where imagination is unleashed – it's showtime. Only a few words are needed to describe Bloomingville MINI;


The Bloomingville MINI collections are created with these words in mind to fulfill our desire for design for the children’s room. Bloomingville MINI is designed for children and their homes – we look forward to sharing it with you. Welcome into a cozy and playful universe of aesthetic home interior for the little ones in the family, designed in a timeless Nordic feel to fit into every room – come along!

Charli Junior Bed, Brown, MDFCharli Junior Bed, Brown, MDF


Charli Junior Bed, Brown, MDF

RRP 409,00

Dorell Throw, Brown, Recycled CottonDorell Throw, Brown, Recycled Cotton


Dorell Throw, Brown, Recycled Cotton

RRP 21,90

Etty Table lamp, Green, StonewareEtty Table lamp, Green, Stoneware


Etty Table lamp, Green, Stoneware

RRP 185,00

Madlen Cushion, Brown, CottonMadlen Cushion, Brown, Cotton


Madlen Cushion, Brown, Cotton

RRP 54,90

Pippa Bag, Brown, Bankuan GrassPippa Bag, Brown, Bankuan Grass


Pippa Bag, Brown, Bankuan Grass

RRP 49,90

Birsen Basket w/Lid, Red, Water HyacinthBirsen Basket w/Lid, Red, Water Hyacinth


Birsen Basket w/Lid, Red, Water Hyacinth

RRP 155,00

Raffe Cushion, Orange, CottonRaffe Cushion, Orange, Cotton


Raffe Cushion, Orange, Cotton

RRP 54,90

Sigga Dollhouse w/Lid, Nature, RattanSigga Dollhouse w/Lid, Nature, Rattan


Sigga Dollhouse w/Lid, Nature, Rattan

RRP 99,90

Dorell Cushion, Brown, Recycled CottonDorell Cushion, Brown, Recycled Cotton


Dorell Cushion, Brown, Recycled Cotton

RRP 39,90

Rosa Illustration w/ Frame, White, PineRosa Illustration w/ Frame, White, Pine


Rosa Illustration w/ Frame, White, Pine

RRP 31,90


The children’s room should stimulate both play and imagination, but at the same time be a place to feel safe and to recharge. Go explore and select furniture that invites to play, coziness, and creativity.


Come along! Explore and enjoy storage for the children's room, that can easily be used for adventures in other rooms – without compromising with the aesthetic.


Cuddle up in soft textiles and happy colors. Mix and match textures, patterns, illustrations, and colors for a personal and playful atmosphere in the children’s room.


Add a touch of play, color and warmth to the room with rugs in various textures, shapes, and sizes.


Complete the magical, playful, and colorful expression with matching decor. Explore and select styles that fit the intended story of the children’s room.


Storage can easily be neat and practical at the same time. Baskets and small furniture from Bloomingville MINI decorate the children's room and combine interior with play.


Once upon a time ... Travel to a magical world of fairytales, fun, games, and stories with enchanting interior. Create a cozy corner for children to indulge when they’re overwhelmed or just want to relax.


Set the table for creative imagination and magical moments with the lovely, new tableware series from Bloomingville MINI.

Autumn Winter 2022

Welcome into a cozy and playful universe of aesthetic home interior for the little ones in the family, designed in a timeless Nordic feel to fit into every room – come along!

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Welcome into a world of soft colors, storytelling interiors, and cute toys for the children's room. Each room has a story to tell.

Say hi to Charlie

Say hi to Charlie. As always, the Bloomingville MINI family has been expanded with friendly, new faces.

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Baby on the way

The new, soft Nalle Doll, including a changing mat and a diaper, is perfect for pretend play. A great big sibling gift to get for a new baby’s big brother or sister to help entertain and educate about the new baby.

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Thyra Lunch Box

What do you want in the packed lunch today? A sandwich with sausage or snacks only? Take your perfect pick with the new Thyra Lunch box.

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A cup of color, please

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color! Enjoy the cutest cups in happy colors made in a playful and childish design.

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A piece of cake, please

Bake and decorate the birthday cake of your dreams. The cute candy is fastened with velcro and ready to be placed wherever the little chefs prefer. The head, arms, and legs of the birthday cake are fastened to the body with velcro too and can be sliced easily.

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All around the world

Decorate with animals from all over the world. Go explore and find the animal that fits the children's room perfectly.

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Inspire the little chefs

The play kitchen is the perfect place for imaginative roleplay and encouraging creativity. The adorable Pippi Mini Stove is designed to fit neatly into a corner in the kitchen accommodating cooking up dinner alongside the parents.

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Cuteness overload

The Soffe Stoll is the cutest piece of interior for the children’s room. Usable as a furniture, but also for storage, as the sweet rhino can be opened at the back. Store toys in the multifunctional rhinoceros - perfect for the living room and in the children's room.

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On the go

Bloomingville MINI introduces a chic, to-go changing mat. The soft Thanne Changing Mat is designed with practical pockets, so all essentials are at hand. Perfect on the go.

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Styling tips for the kids’ room

Find easy inspiration to upgrade the aesthetics of the kids’ room without compromising the children’s wishes. Cute and cuddly go hand in hand with stylish and fashionable in Bloomingville MINI which mixes perfectly with Bloomingville styles.

Choose the right storage for the children's room

Storage can easily be neat and practical at the same time. Baskets and small furniture from Bloomingville MINI decorate the children's room and combine interior with play. There are endless styling options, and the cute design ensures storage meeting children's lively expectations and parents' demands for aesthetically pleasing home interiors.

Choose baskets in a childlike design that appeals to the child in play and decor. Maybe it makes the child think it's more fun to keep the room tidy?

A cute selection of mobiles

Most children enjoy relaxing in their bed, watching a mobile in the ceiling above them - preferably a mobile with cute figures, harmonious colors and different shapes. The gentle movement of a hanging mobile catches the eye and evokes a calm feeling in the child. The Bloomingville MINI collection presents a cute selection of mobiles that will fit into any children's room.

Decorate with patchwork

Decorate the children’s room with hand quilted and multifunctional wall arts made of beautiful patchworks. Dress your wall with a patchwork quilt or remove the stick to use it on the floor as a playmat. Did you know that hand quilting is an age-old technique, wherein each path is curated and sewn into a unique quilt?

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