ILLUME x Bloomingville

A scent of home in every room

Get a scent of home in every room with the natural scented candles and reed diffusers from ILLUME x Bloomingville. Created with the Nordic Bloomingville touch, with passion and care, and in collaboration with the world leading expert in the field of
home fragrance, ILLUME.

The Essentials collection

The Essentials collection is the foundation of ILLUME x Bloomingville. The six carefully chosen fragrances all come in a line of three scented candles and a diffuser with reeds. Every fragrance has its own signature color, just as you will know your favorite on both name and number.

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The Seasonal collection

Mark a special occasion, share a holiday spirit and cherish everyday moments in life with warm fragrances from the Seasonal collection. The Seasonal collection comprises the three uplifting fragrance lines – Nordic Forest, Cozy Nectarine and Vintage Cedarwood.

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Styling tips & scented candle care

Get inspiration on how to style your new room scents in your home and how to make the very best of your scented candles with the right candle care.

Candle care

Keep your scented candle from tunneling down the middle with the right candle care. 

Stylish reed diffusers

Style your new room scents with wooden elements to soften the clean look. 

Scented candles as presents

Indulge your loved ones with scented candles wrapped with care and consideration.

Marianne’s favorite
room scents

One for every nose. Every scent by ILLUME x Bloomingville is produced in collaboration with highly esteemed European fragrance houses. Below you will find Brand Director Marianne Sinding’s favorites of the season.

“Illume speaks to all my senses with calming and balanced fragrances and beautiful aesthetics with dusty, subdued colors that fits the Nordic interior.“

Marianne Sinding, Brand Director

ILLUME x Bloomingville

Experience the latest aromas from ILLUME x Bloomingville which expand the delicious fragrance universe with several wonderful essential scents for the home.

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