Adorable spring pastels

The pastel-colored Safie cups, bowls and plates bring the spring sun directly into the home. Get inspiration for a beautiful table setting that is perfect for spring and summer events.


Sandrine tableware series

Simple, handmade design in muted colors characterize the Sandrine tableware series.


The artistic Jules tableware series

Bring a touch of art to the table with the abstract Jules tableware series from Bloomingville


The Bea tableware series

The unique floral motif characterizes the lovely Bea tableware from Bloomingville


The Camellia tableware series

Get inspiration for a beautiful table setting with the handmade Camellia serving bowls from the Creative Collection in fine, warm colors.

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The popular Raben tableware

A gorgeous dark grey color and a simple design characterizes the series.

The Raben tableware

The patterned Rani tableware

The unique pattern characterizes the Rani tableware from Bloomingville. Use the Rani tableware in the afternoon or evening to create an extra cozy atmosphere.


The beautiful Hariet tableware

The multicolored glaze characterizes the Hariet stoneware. The beautiful glaze varies in color, which makes each piece unique.


The beautiful Heikki bowls

Beautiful, hand painted patterns in warm colors characterize the Heikki series.

Heikki bowls

The Solange tableware

Nordic design with a touch of Japan in natural colors


A charming favourite

Carla, Maya, Genia, Cécile, Elsa, Karine, Patrizia & Susie. Each name represents a unique series of tableware...


Mundo outdoor furniture

The outdoor furniture series, Mundo, is made of powder-coated metal with polyester rope hand-woven onto the frame. The series includes sofas, chairs, and coffee tables, etc.

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Korfu Modular Furniture

The series consists of modules, which can be combined in different ways to adapt to needs and spaces. The Korfu furniture series is an obvious opportunity to create a customized piece of furniture. 

You are the designer...

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Bestseller in several colors

Lenea is designed in a timeless design and fits perfectly into the summer house, children's room or entrance hall.

Lenea rug

The elegant Sanga trays

Easy to style and use in every home


The perfect kitchen utensil

Dive into a world of beautiful and practical spoons for summer salads, autumn stews and winter hot drinks.

Spoons for any occasion

Lounge chairs in natural materials

Lounge chairs in natural materials are must-haves for the home! Dive into a world of beautiful lounge chairs in lovely materials and designs.

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