Garden furniture

Korfu Coffee Table, Nature, BambooKorfu Coffee Table, Nature, Bamboo


Korfu Coffee Table, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 219,00

Korfu Lounge Chair, Nature, BambooKorfu Lounge Chair, Nature, Bamboo


Korfu Lounge Chair, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 359,00

Korfu Module Chair, Nature, BambooKorfu Module Chair, Nature, Bamboo


Korfu Module Chair, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 315,00

Korfu Module Pouf, Nature, BambooKorfu Module Pouf, Nature, Bamboo


Korfu Module Pouf, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 259,00

Mundo Lounge Chair, Brown, MetalMundo Lounge Chair, Brown, Metal


Mundo Lounge Chair, Brown, Metal

RRP 449,00

Mundo Lounge Chair, Green, MetalMundo Lounge Chair, Green, Metal


Mundo Lounge Chair, Green, Metal

RRP 499,00

Mundo Sofa, Green, MetalMundo Sofa, Green, Metal


Mundo Sofa, Green, Metal

RRP 999,00

Sole Bench, Nature, BambooSole Bench, Nature, Bamboo


Sole Bench, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 249,00

Sole Coffee Table, Nature, BambooSole Coffee Table, Nature, Bamboo


Sole Coffee Table, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 179,00

Sole Rack, Nature, BambooSole Rack, Nature, Bamboo


Sole Rack, Nature, Bamboo

RRP 179,00

Garden furniture for your outdoor space in Nordic design

As soon as the weather is right, we move the garden furniture out onto the terrace or balcony. Decorating our outdoor space is at least as important as the interior design. It's about getting the most out of the spring and summer weather, to really enjoy the garden throughout the seasons.

Outside, you can create an additional dining room where you set up for a cozy dinner with tablecloth and tableware - or you can create a de-stressing oasis with soft pillows and rugs in garden chairs and garden sofas from Bloomingville.

We have a hand-picked selection of fine garden furniture in Nordic design for your outdoor space. We have both robust garden furniture in iron, bamboo garden furniture and lounge furniture. So, whether you are mostly into sitting at a classic garden table or being more laid back, we have something to suit your style and your outdoor space.

Time for garden furniture under the blue sky

It's the best time of the year. When you can finally move the garden furniture out into the open. The garden table, the garden chairs and the garden sofa may need to be wiped with a cloth, and then you can declare the garden season as open.

It is easy to create atmosphere and spice up the garden furniture. Soft garden cushions or cushions in the garden chairs are a safe shortcut to a relaxed atmosphere. On the garden table you can make a sweet still life with a dish of small vases filled with flowers.

With hand-picked garden furniture from Bloomingville, you can easily decorate a personal and inviting outdoor space, whether you want them in the conservatory, in the greenhouse, on the terrace or on the balcony.

Decorate your outdoor space with Nordic styled garden furniture

Our garden furniture is available in several different styles – all in the Nordic style. If you are looking for a classic look, our garden set in metal is an obvious choice. Should the expression be softer? Then you can create a more relaxed look with our bamboo garden furniture with feminine vibes.

On the balcony you can also make room for garden furniture and create an extension of the apartment with an extra outdoor space. Here you can place a small café table and two garden chairs and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee with the sun's rays on your face.

No matter how much or how little space you have in your outdoor space, you can find a garden piece of furniture that suits you perfectly. Some of our lounge furniture are also modules that you can assemble yourself, to suit your needs and outdoor space.

Create the ultimate outdoor oasis with garden furniture

Imagine a hot summer day where you take a rest in the hammock. In a small corner in the garden, a garden shower is shielded by green plants, where you can take a cooling rinse. After the bath, you can dry in the sun on the beautiful daybed, where you sit comfortably while reading a magazine. Luckily, there are plenty of dreams when we talk about the perfect garden space.

At Bloomingville, we also have a wide selection of garden furniture such as feminine hammocks, stylish garden showers, gorgeus lounge furniture and beautiful daybeds for the garden.