An eco-conscious mindset and responsible decision-making

We believe it’s a matter of a mindset – and it’s a matter of taking a step in the right direction every day


Freight partners

In an unstable and uncertain transport marked it is still important to demand our freight partners to lower the CO2 emission. As knowledge and technology improve, our transport partners will be able to find more sustainable solutions for transporting our products.

During 2022 our forwarders will launch a pilot project to shift from conventional diesel fuel to HVO100 bio diesel. Some bigger cities within EU will require more sustainable transport solutions and the forwarders are highly focused on these requirements and are already using electric trucks.


From printed to digital catalogs

Each season, we launch more catalogs, and since the beginning of 2021, we have encouraged our customers to reduce paper consumption by choosing the digital version of the catalog instead of receiving the printed ones. We will continue encouraging our customers to make these more sustainable choices. Customers who choose printed catalogs will receive catalogs printed on FSC-certified® paper.


Reduce energy consumption at our facilities

In December 2020 we initiated a project with an external energy consultant company to bring down our consumption of energy. With simple methods we have managed to bring down energy consumption at our headquarter facilities in Ikast with 16.000 KWh which equals 20%, in the first 10 months of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020. This decrease in consumption was mainly due to switching to more effective bulbs.


Packaging: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We reuse the packing material to reduce waste. For example, the cardboard boxes that we receive as part of transporting imported goods, are reused in the process of delivering products to our customers. The cardboard boxes will be marked with a sticker for the customer to see that the box is reused, encouraging them to either reuse or recycle the box.

In 2020, we started a project of removing single used plastic as packaging and replacing the plastic with a biodegradable corn starch bag. One of our textile suppliers uses these bags when packing our throws. Also, we aim to reduce the plastic and Styrofoam in cardboard boxes by replacing it with recycled paper or honeycomb cardboard. More than 400 products have now either been packed in sustainable bags or have had the Styrofoam removed. This has been initiated as a pilot project in India in cooperation with a lot of innovative Indian suppliers.

To offer a better alternative to single used plastic shopping bags we have designed a shopper bag made of jute. Jute is a natural fiber, fast growing and an exceptionally durable material. The idea and purpose are to use the shopping bag repeatedly and avoid buying unnecessary plastic bags. Read more about the initiative here



We seek to address the negative impact within the value chain by using certifications as a method of minimizing risks and securing high levels of product safety. Bloomingville is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX® as certifications are an important step towards reducing the use of chemicals in our textile products. A wide range of our textiles in the Bloomingville MINI collection are OEKOTEX certified. This certification guarantees that the products are harmless in human ecological terms resulting from extensive testing for harmful substances across the textile value chain. By April 2021 we have been FSC® certified.


An eco-conscious product portfolio

Each year, the Bloomingville Group launches collections from four brands: Bloomingville, Bloomingville MINI, Creative Collection and ILLUME x Bloomingville, including an annual Christmas collection. Many products are made from natural woven materials, such as fast-growing grass like rattan, bamboo, and cane. We strive towards growing an eco-conscious product portfolio by collaborating with several suppliers that only use natural dye in the coloring process applied to products, such as poufs, rugs, and baskets.

Our product assortment consists of a variety of products with sustainable marks. For instance, we market products from recycled glass and sell throws made from recycled cotton. A large selection of products come in recycled wood, such as driftwood, elm wood and reclaimed wood that add a unique feel and personality to our product portfolio. Driftwood is particularly interesting as it covers all kinds of wood that has been washed up on the beach, lake, or river due to winds, tides, or waves. Significant to driftwood is that the type of wood is difficult to identify.

We also offer a significant product category called ‘FOUNDS’. The FOUNDS span across home accessories to furniture and are made from materials that originally have ended their lifecycle. Clever design and innovation make it possible to reuse the items for reselling. The FOUNDS are unique and offered at a limited stock level. 

28 wooden items that are either reclaimed or recycled are available on our website as per. December 2021.


Product testing and risk evaluation

We focus on the safety of our products by reviewing, testing, and considering each product carefully with general product safety in mind. Especially high-risk products categorized as toys, kitchenware and lighting must comply with the European standards under the relevant directives to ensure that no harm is done to the end consumer and to reduce environmental risks. We also conduct chemical testing and assessments on products to ensure that they are food approved and fire retardant, nor tested on animals.

For the SS22 season we have tested more than 180 different items within the new collection. All tests have conducted at a third-party laboratory.


Responsible sourcing of products

We are working closely with professional agent offices to ensure that our suppliers comply with certain standards. Among our demands is that all our suppliers sign a document, stating that they are committed to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. The UN Global Compact encourages businesses to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, such as securing that the most basic human standards are upheld and respected. Child labor, which is also a part of the principles, is under no circumstances tolerated by Bloomingville.


Consumer safety

We acknowledge the importance of providing our customers with not only beautiful products, but also products that are safe according to European legislation. We commend our professional approach to product safety and our comprehensive vendor manual, which is developed in close collaboration with Bureau Veritas, who are our trusted professional advisors with much knowledge and expertise in this area. The manual contains specific compliance guidelines and is kept up to date annually. The manual is sent to our suppliers, who are required to comply with these guidelines. 

We will continue working closely with Bureau Veritas regarding testing, certifications, and CSR-related topics.


Healthy happy workplace

By securing a healthy and safe work environment, Bloomingville is devoted to improving the working conditions for each employee. Driven by ethos of openness and joint responsibility, each employee liaises directly with the team leader between two and three times a year to discuss topics, such as wages, work satisfaction, areas of improvement and topics relating to the work environment and conditions. Also, grievances and other concerns are shared during these meetings and handled professionally and in confidence with respect for the employee.

The staff association is run by a group of employees, representing the different departments of the company. The association organizes several social events, such as Christmas and summer parties, sports activities, games and social get-togethers, inspirational guest speakers, and a lot more.

In accordance with Danish legislation, Bloomingville has a Safety Committee consisting of staff representatives and management to ensure a safe working environment. All our employees have six weeks of holiday each year and are endowed with a private pension scheme. Moreover, every employee is a member of the company health care insurance scheme, which gives the employees the opportunity to attend chiropractor, masseuse or special doctors.

From feedback on employee well-being surveys, we have worked to minimize noise in the office landscape - in September 2021, we have established noise-reducing functionality over each workplace.


We care

We are dedicated to supporting local and worldwide non-profit organizations, national campaigns or charities, and since 2020 we have supported below events:

  • Donation to UNICEF and the Red Cross in support of the victims of the war in Ukraine.
  • Donations to charity for The Danish Cancer Society and The Danish Red Cross Youth.
  • Donation of products for the establishment of apartments for Ukrainian refugees in Denmark.
  • In 2020 we dedicated ourselves as a business corporate partner at UNICEF.
  • Anniversary support for UNICEF. In relation to our 20 years anniversary we asked our partners and friends of the house to donate instead of gifts. Both Bloomingville and the staff contributed with donations.
  • Project UNICEF – we support kids worldwide by running a campaign for our Hella & Stella dolls (item number 82051494). 
  • Knus Kræft (Kids Cancer Aid) 
  • Julehjælpen – donating items for Christmas presents for families in need
  • Mødrehjælpen – supplying 37 shops with Christmas items for free for Mødrehjælpen to make profit for benefits of their NGO work
  • Albertslund Forsorgshjem – Christmas tableware donated for local Christmas eve celebration for homeless people
  • Krisecenter Jylland – donation of Christmas presents for women and children
  • Hjælpesporet Herning – gifts for vulnerable families
  • Kræftens bekæmpelse – donation of items for Christmas auction (fundraising)
  • Easter deco items – donations for elder homes and Kindergartens (local initiatives)


Moving forward

Each step is one step in the right direction. We will continue our cross-organizational CSR related incentives to continue this journey in different areas, such as…

  • In 2021, we renewed our OEKOTEX certification in cooperation with Teknologisk Insitut, Denmark. We have focus of increasing the numbers of OEKOTEX for the coming seasons. In 2021 we became FSC ® certified - a goal is also to increase the number of products in this range.

  • Our plan is to continue decreasing the use of air transport for the coming seasons.

  • A task of reducing unnecessary noise to increase work efficiency at our HQ in Ikast, Denmark has been implemented and the effects will be regularly monitored.

  • Our pilot project in India with reducing plastic and replace with better alternatives is up and running and we will accelerate this project to other countries and more suppliers.

  • We will continue working closely with Bureau Veritas regarding testing, certifications, and CSR-related topics.

  • A taskforce has been formed to map our supplier base to provide our customer with the best information about the products they purchase. Certification, product portfolios, and rankings are amongst the variables that will be assessed to secure an eco-conscious approach.

  • Internal initiatives regarding our use and ways of disposing materials, such as paper, carton, etc., will be an integral part of the daily routines within the company, • Reduction of energy consumption

  • We will continue to support local and global non-profit organizations, national campaigns, and charities

In general, we will contribute with a lineup of initiatives in our pursuit of actively engaging with and promoting a more sustainable future.