An eco-conscious mindset and responsible decision-making

Everyday changes towards a better world

At Bloomingville, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to taking responsibility to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all of us. Knowing that standalone efforts are not necessarily moving the needle significantly, we will tackle every challenge through a concerted effort by employees, sales representatives, customers, partners, and suppliers. We believe it’s a matter of a mindset – and it’s a matter of taking one conscious step in the right direction every day.
Even small steps count.

Lars Krog
Managing Director / CEO


Responsible and sustainable decision-making

We believe that sustainability is an integral part of all the decision-making processes and is a long-term commitment. Therefore, our work with sustainability is based on the three pillars of Compliance, Social responsibility, and Environmental responsibility. Acknowledging that these three areas intertwine in practice, we build our strategy and action plans around the two main themes of social responsibility and environmental responsibility based on the belief that a company must already have in place compliance as its basics. 


Social responsibility

There are many ways in which people and businesses can drive change and take responsibility for the future. Procedures and protocols however do not standalone. Maintaining a healthy workplace is equally important. Bloomingville is committed to ensuring that all employees at the Head Quarter in Denmark are offered a working environment that is safe and respectful of individual needs, as well as embracive of social and cultural inclusion. Also, we are working closely with professional agent offices to secure that the most basic human standards are upheld and respected.


Environmental responsibility

Making pro-environmental decisions are pivotal to run a sustainable business, we therefore continue our efforts of developing a product portfolio that is mindful of both the environment and the local communities involved with the supply chain. With much gratitude towards nature, Bloomingville is set to make sustainable choices through internal and external programs that require both short- and long-term action plans. Four main areas of improvement have been chosen as a focus in the period 2021-2022, they are ‘Freight, ‘Packaging’, ‘Certification’ and ‘Product portfolio’.


Last updated 01.06.2022.