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Let us support children’s well-being

The vision for a better future is a common interest. Together with our family of partners and customers, we support another good cause - UNICEF - for all the children of the world.

"I want to surround myself with designs that are meaningful and valuable to me. When it’s possible to choose designs that support charity, this sense of value is completed. It means a lot to help others."

The Everyday Designer

Bloomingville in collaboration with UNICEF

At Bloomingville, we want all children in the world to thrive. In collaboration with UNICEF, we work for a safer environment and a more sustainable future for all children in the world. Everyone has a responsibility - for the world now and for all future generations.

Bloomingville has designed the dolls Hella and Stella, as part of the Autumn Winter 21 collection. The dolls are carefully designed in cute colors and in order to support a good cause, while being useful and valuable to the children. For every Hella & Stella set sold, Bloomingville donates an amount to support UNICEF.

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Hella & Stella

The unique doll set is designed specifically for the collaboration with UNICEF. The Hella and Stella doll set is a tribute to the support of the children of the world. They are designed to focus on UNICEF's great work worldwide and their initiatives, to ensure the fundamental rights and needs of every child. For each Hella & Stella set sold, Bloomingville donates 3 euro to support UNICEF.

Hella & Stella

Hella and Stella are part of Bloomingville's popular MINI collection and are the cutest little friends for the child. They are fun to play with, easy to carry in the bag on excursions and a good friend during bedtime. The set comes in a nice gift box and is a perfect gift idea. A gift with the very best message that any recipient is guaranteed to appreciate.

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Reversible dresses

The cute dolls have nice dresses, with a detail that the kids will love. The little dresses are reversible, so the dolls can change clothes according to the child's wishes. Unleash creativity and explore the different colors and patterns of the dresses. We predict many good hours of play in the company of the little dress-up dolls, Hella and Stella.

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The idea behind Hella and Stella is friendship across culture and togetherness despite differences. Hella and Stella are a symbol of friendship and good experiences together. The doll set will move into many children's rooms and join many adventures with the child. Maybe they will also be invited on the child's visits to family and friends, or on the first bike ride? A safe environment and friendship should be a matter of course for all the children of the world.

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Friends Rug, Nature, CottonFriends Rug, Nature, Cotton


Friends Rug, Nature, Cotton


D130 cm

RRP 109,00

Yuliya Play Set, Food, Red, FSC®100%, LotusYuliya Play Set, Food, Red, FSC®100%, Lotus


Yuliya Play Set, Food, Red, FSC®100%, Lotus


H10xW6 cm, Set of 11

RRP 44,90

Harvest Bowl, Nature, StonewareHarvest Bowl, Nature, Stoneware


Harvest Bowl, Nature, Stoneware


D11,5xH6,5 cm, Set of 3

RRP 23,90

Knitting pattern for you

We love to inspire...

In collaboration with Maja Sandfeld, who is behind the Instagram profile @majacreated, we have developed a knitting pattern that allows to expand Hella and Stella's wardrobe further. Most have a creative relative who has the ability to create small unique dresses with stripes, dots or other details - completely according to the child's wishes. We believe in a sustainable mindset in using left over yarn to create small dresses. The knitting pattern can be downloaded here. Enjoy.


Download knitting pattern 


Supports alle the children of the world

With a business membership at UNICEF, Bloomingville has also taken responsibility for supporting initiatives to improve the world. With the goal of contributing to charity, we are proud to enter this partnership with UNICEF. Bloomingville donates 3 euro, for every Hella & Stella set sold.

UNICEF works for all the children of the world and according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, they fight to ensure the very basic rights of children. "It is not just about shelter, safety and care, but also about being treated as individuals with rights," UNICEF says.

UNICEF's goal is to help all children, everywhere, always - also meaning the children who seem the hardest to reach. UNICEF believes that if a child is exposed to adversity, a small push in the right direction can have a crucial positive impact. We are proud to contribute to that.

At Bloomingville, we support the UN's sustainable development goals. We are dedicated and embrace our responsibility to create a better and brighter future for all, but in this collaboration especially the children. A cooperation with UNICEF is of great importance to us, as the vision for a better future for all in the world is a common concern. We want to support changes in everyday life towards a better world.

Read more about our initiatives for a more sustainable world HERE


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Help us support the good cause

“In the design process, the purpose has been to combine the creative and playful with the good cause, which makes so much sense. It is fantastic that we can support the children of the world through our designs.”

Theresa Bligaard, Designer, Bloomingville MINI

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