Jolly Mug, Green, StonewareJolly Mug, Green, Stoneware


Jolly Mug, Green, Stoneware


D9,5xH8 cm

RRP 9,50

Jolly Mug, Red, StonewareJolly Mug, Red, Stoneware


Jolly Mug, Red, Stoneware


D9,5xH8 cm

RRP 9,50

Jolly Napkin, Green, FSC® Mix, PaperJolly Napkin, Green, FSC® Mix, Paper


Jolly Napkin, Green, FSC® Mix, Paper


L25xW25 cm, Pack of 20

RRP 3,50

Jolly Plate, Red, StonewareJolly Plate, Red, Stoneware


Jolly Plate, Red, Stoneware


D16xH2,5 cm, Set of 2

RRP 21,90

Jolly Throw, Red, Recycled CottonJolly Throw, Red, Recycled Cotton


Jolly Throw, Red, Recycled Cotton


L160xW130 cm

RRP 29,90

Jolly Votive, Red, StonewareJolly Votive, Red, Stoneware


Jolly Votive, Red, Stoneware


D6xH6 cm

RRP 6,50

Jolly Votive, Red, StonewareJolly Votive, Red, Stoneware


Jolly Votive, Red, Stoneware


D6xH4 cm

RRP 5,50

Joseline Ornament, Silver, GlassJoseline Ornament, Silver, Glass


Joseline Ornament, Silver, Glass


D15 cm

RRP 13,90

Juanna Ornament, Silver, GlassJuanna Ornament, Silver, Glass


Juanna Ornament, Silver, Glass


D15 cm

RRP 13,90

Jullie Ornament, Green, GlassJullie Ornament, Green, Glass


Jullie Ornament, Green, Glass


D7,5 cm

RRP 9,50

Kamila Vase, Green, Recycled GlassKamila Vase, Green, Recycled Glass


Kamila Vase, Green, Recycled Glass


D26,5xH34,5 cm

RRP 74,90

Kammy Vase, Green, Recycled GlassKammy Vase, Green, Recycled Glass


Kammy Vase, Green, Recycled Glass


L11,5xH26,5xW10,5 cm

RRP 39,90

Christmas decoration in Nordic design

Decorate your home for Christmas with the finest Christmas decorations in stylish Nordic design from Bloomingville. We have everything the Christmas heart may desire; all from Christmas balls, Christmas lights, Christmas frames and Christmas wrapping. Every year we hand-pick our Christmas decorations according to the trends of the time, so you can find something that fits perfectly into your home. Merry Christmas.

Get in the Christmas spirit with modern Christmas decorations

No Christmas without Christmas decorations. For most people, decorating the home is an important part of the Christmas spirit - whether you are the type who can’t wait and decorate in November, or maybe you are always a little late and first get decorated the second Sunday of Advent.

At Bloomingville, we love the sweet and cozy Christmas season. Every year we look forward to Christmas again, so we can show off our beautiful, hand-picked Christmas decorations. So, you can get started decorating your home and Christmas tree. Decorate with our stylish Christmas decorations in beautiful muted Christmas colors - both the classic colors like red and green and the more untraditional ones like yellow and blue. Christmas is a celebration of traditions, but we think it's healthy to challenge them a bit. At Bloomingville you will find something for everyone.  Whether you're into Christmas trees, stars, Christmas ornaments, cute animals, spruce cones, angels or something completely different, it's all something you can find in our Christmas assortment.

The Christmas tree with its decorations

Finally, the Christmas tree must be felled, picked up and decorated. One of our favorite Christmas traditions which is a nice day for the whole family - both adults and children. Here, everyone can help to make their mark on the beautiful, green tree. The lower branches can be decorated by the youngest children with "soft" decorations, which cannot break. Further up the tree you can hang the more fragile Christmas decorations in the form of beautiful Christmas ornaments in different colors. And at the top, of course, the finishing touch; the star.

Remember to protect the floor with a beautiful Christmas tree rug that also acts as a collection for the spruce needles that will fall off.

Make your own Advent wreath

The Advent wreath is another of the fine traditions of Christmas and a must-have in the home. At Bloomingville, you can find this year's Advent candle holder for your home, where you can easily put candles on - which right now can be of the colored or twisted kind. Are you more creative? Choose one of our beautiful decorative trays, where you can create your completely personal Advent wreath with block candles, Christmas decorations and something from the forest floor. It’s only your Christmas imagination that sets the limits.

Arrange the table with the finest Christmas tableware

Put away boring service you use all year round and bring in the finest Christmas tableware that completes the decoration of your home. At Bloomingville, we make sure you can decorate the most beautiful Christmas table with Christmas-themed plates, cups and napkins, and offer your guests homemade vanilla wreaths, peppercorns and confectionery in the cutest bowls with reindeer, snowmen or Christmas hearts. You can serve the mulled wine in matching cups. Then you just need the apple slices that you can put on one of our fine dishes. Then the Christmas fun begins.

If you have many guests at Christmas, it may seem overwhelming to buy Christmas presents for everyone. Here it is an obvious idea to collect Christmas tableware. Then you also know what should be on the wish list for Christmas. Remember that it works well to mix and match different types of Christmas tableware with different motifs.

Wrap the gifts in beautiful Christmas wrapping

All gifts deserve a beautiful wrapping. When you need to spoil one of those you love with a thoughtful gift, feel free to spend a little extra time wrapping it. The recipient will love getting a gift that is nicely wrapped in Christmas paper. To complete the Christmas wrapping, you can add a matching gift ribbon and a fine handwritten card.

Instead of wrapping all the presents at the last minute on December 23rd or 24th, wrap them up regularly and place them under the Christmas tree or in a large basket. Then you have more time to admire the gifts in the beautiful Christmas wrapping.