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Letty Wall Lamp, Black, MetalLetty Wall Lamp, Black, Metal


Letty Wall Lamp, Black, Metal

RRP 139,00

Linetta Floor Lamp, White, StonewareLinetta Floor Lamp, White, Stoneware


Linetta Floor Lamp, White, Stoneware

RRP 399,00

Lissa Floor Lamp, Brass, MetalLissa Floor Lamp, Brass, Metal


Lissa Floor Lamp, Brass, Metal

RRP 199,00

Lyam Wall Lamp, Black, MetalLyam Wall Lamp, Black, Metal


Lyam Wall Lamp, Black, Metal

RRP 169,00

Marla Pendant Lamp, Black, CaneMarla Pendant Lamp, Black, Cane


Marla Pendant Lamp, Black, Cane

RRP 359,00

Mega Edison LED Bulb, Clear, Glass


Mega Edison LED Bulb, Clear, Glass

RRP 25,90

Mikkela Lampshade, Nature, RattanMikkela Lampshade, Nature, Rattan


Mikkela Lampshade, Nature, Rattan

RRP 26,90

Olefine Table lamp, Green, StonewareOlefine Table lamp, Green, Stoneware


Olefine Table lamp, Green, Stoneware

RRP 229,00

Polus Floor Lamp, Black, LinenPolus Floor Lamp, Black, Linen


Polus Floor Lamp, Black, Linen

RRP 269,00

Raffi Floor Lamp, Green, MetalRaffi Floor Lamp, Green, Metal


Raffi Floor Lamp, Green, Metal

RRP 219,00

Rama Table lamp, White, StonewareRama Table lamp, White, Stoneware


Rama Table lamp, White, Stoneware

RRP 329,00

Rim Lampshade, Brown, RattanRim Lampshade, Brown, Rattan


Rim Lampshade, Brown, Rattan

RRP 109,00

Lighting in Nordic design

Illuminate the home with soft lighting from stylish lamps in Nordic design from Bloomingville. Find everything from pendants and wall lamps to floor lamps and table lamps. We have a large selection of lamps, so you can find exactly the lamp that suits your style and decor.

We design our lamps based on a mix of trends, tendency and what we ourselves think is beautiful.

Lamps for the entire home

There is probably not a single room in your home where there isn’t at least one lamp. Lamps are an indispensable part of the interior design of a room and a home.

With lamps, you can create light, cosines and atmosphere, while at the same time you can show off your personal style in a decorative way. At Bloomingville, we have a large selection of beautiful lamps for your entire home.

Lamps for different purposes

There are lamps and lighting for many purposes. A lamp is not just a lamp. There is a difference between using light to work or to relax.

Lamps are of great importance for the interior design of a room. Most often, a lamp will not stand alone, as several types of lamps are included in one room.

Cozy lighting in the bedroom

In the bedroom, you need a pendant that can illuminate the entire room when you need to find clothes in the wardrobe. But at the same time, you also need a more subdued and cozy lighting in the evening when you have to read a book. Here, you can either go with a wall lamp that hangs next to the bed, or a table lamp that stands on your bedside table. They each emit different lights, and it's a matter of taste what you are into - both in terms of light and style.

The perfect lamps for the kitchen-dining area and living room

The kitchen, dining room and living room have over time merged more and more into one and the same room: the living space. It does not make it easier to choose the right lamps. Suddenly, the lamp you choose must fit into the entire composition of the room.

The lamp above the dining table can be difficult to find and agree on because it’s a lamp that you look at several times a day. Do you have to go with a classic and stylish expression, or do you dare to challenge yourself a bit, both in terms of color and material? At Bloomingville, we have a great selection of pendants for your dining table, no matter what look you go for.

In the living room there is also space to play with the decor. If you have a sideboard, bookcase or shelf, you can place a table lamp along with a vase, poster or a stack of books. You will find that many of our table lamps are beautiful pieces of art that can make your decor beautiful and more personal.

Do you sit on the sofa in the evening and do, for example, crochet, puzzles or reading? Then we recommend a floor lamp, as it provides good lighting over your creative projects.

Lamps for reading and work

The office is probably the room in the home that requires the best lighting. If you sometimes work from home, this is where you have your workstation.

It’s a good idea to think practically in the home office - without, of course, compromising on aesthetics. Choose a table lamp or wall lamp that emits a clear and distinct light so that you can easily read at the table.

Lamps for creative play

In the recent years, the children's room has become one of the home's biggest trends in interior design - also when it comes to choosing lamps.

At Bloomingville, we also have lamps that can create coziness in both the children's and the teen room.

Lamps in exciting materials and beautiful colors

Lamps are available in many colors, shapes, sizes and materials. It's about what expression you want in your space. Our lamps range from the classic and stylish to the more special and artistic. What is your style? You can choose and combine as you like.

Whether you are mostly for metal, wood, glass, stoneware, bamboo or something sixth, we have a good and beautiful offer for a lamp for you and your home. There is also a free choice on the color palette from the classic black / white to the bold yellow or green or the trendy gold.

The most important thing is that the lamp suits you and your style - but sometimes it can be healthy to challenge yourself a little.