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Eliana Mug, Grey, StonewareEliana Mug, Grey, Stoneware


Eliana Mug, Grey, Stoneware


D9xH9 cm, Set of 3

RRP 34,90

Ellin Turntable, White, MarbleEllin Turntable, White, Marble


Ellin Turntable, White, Marble


D35,5xH4 cm

RRP 79,90

Elsa Oven Dish , Grey, StonewareElsa Oven Dish , Grey, Stoneware


Elsa Oven Dish , Grey, Stoneware


L36xH6xW24 cm

RRP 34,90

Elsa Salt & Pepper Mill, Grey, StonewareElsa Salt & Pepper Mill, Grey, Stoneware


Elsa Salt & Pepper Mill, Grey, Stoneware


D6xH11 cm, Set

RRP 39,90

Elsa Teapot, Grey, StonewareElsa Teapot, Grey, Stoneware


Elsa Teapot, Grey, Stoneware


D14xH16 cm

RRP 34,90

Elsa Tray, Grey, Stoneware


Elsa Tray, Grey, Stoneware


D20/25xH2/3 cm, Set of 2

RRP 34,90

Elyza Kitchen Towel, Brown, CottonElyza Kitchen Towel, Brown, Cotton


Elyza Kitchen Towel, Brown, Cotton


L70xW45 cm, Pack of 2

RRP 26,90

Emira Kitchen Paper Stand, White, MarbleEmira Kitchen Paper Stand, White, Marble


Emira Kitchen Paper Stand, White, Marble


D15xH32 cm

RRP 37,90

Emy Kitchen Paper Stand, Nature, MarbleEmy Kitchen Paper Stand, Nature, Marble


Emy Kitchen Paper Stand, Nature, Marble


D15xH30 cm

RRP 37,90

Enes Basket, Black, Stainless SteelEnes Basket, Black, Stainless Steel


Enes Basket, Black, Stainless Steel


L16xH6,5xW8 cm

RRP 9,90

Eris Pedestal Bowl, White, MarbleEris Pedestal Bowl, White, Marble


Eris Pedestal Bowl, White, Marble


D20,5xH11,5 cm

RRP 69,90

Evora Baking Bowl, Nature, StonewareEvora Baking Bowl, Nature, Stoneware


Evora Baking Bowl, Nature, Stoneware


D35,5xH14 cm

RRP 99,90

Nordic home decor for the kitchen

The kitchen should be a nice place to be. Decorate your kitchen with everything your heart desires from beautiful kitchen accessories such as handmade tableware in stoneware, beautiful cutting boards, serving dishes, trays, fine pots for kitchen storage and all kinds of kitchen utensils. At Bloomingville, we have everything for the kitchen in a stylish Scandinavian design.

Kitchen storage creates order

There must be room for a lot of things in the kitchen - everything from tableware to food. Therefore, the kitchen is also a space that can quickly appear untidy, both on the kitchen table and in the drawers. Create order with beautiful kitchen storage from Bloomingville. For example, you can use jars to store nuts, oatmeal and snacks for an easier overview when you open the cabin or drawer.

On the kitchen table you can place fruit and vegetables in one of our fine baskets or bowls. You can also make a beautiful arrangement with oil and spices in one of our stylish trays. It is also obvious to place a beautiful wine rack in the kitchen so you can easily select the wine menu for the evening.

Arrange a beautiful table with stoneware

There is almost nothing more beautiful than a well-set table where the details have been taken care of. At Bloomingville, we have a great selection of hand-picked service. Right now, stoneware is one of the biggest trends in service, and we understand that well. Stoneware has a minimalist, rustic and retro look at the same time - which means that it never really goes out of style. Once upon a time, stoneware was just something you ate at, at your grandparents'. Today, stoneware is extremely popular at all ages, and the material gives associations to the beautiful Japanese culture.

Complete the table setting with well-chosen table decorations in the form of table runners, placemats and napkins to suit the occasion.

Plain cutlery and barbecue cutlery

Of course, a well-set table includes a beautiful cutlery set. At Bloomingville you can find both the classic silver cutlery, the modern black cutlery and of course the popular and smart gold cutlery. Every cutlery drawer should have both ordinary cutlery and barbecue cutlery. Barbecue cutlery is especially suitable for the delicious red steak, and the burger that is too big to be eaten with your hands. Bon appetite.

Decorate with kitchen utensils

All kitchens need many kitchen utensils for different purposes. A cake roll, measuring spoons, whisk and salad cutlery - just to name a few. At Bloomingville you can find a large selection of practical and beautiful kitchen utensils for your kitchen.

We recommend that you invest in some kitchen utensils that you can enjoy for many years. You can either stick to one material such as wood or mix and match with steel and marble to achieve a unique composition.

The cutting board should be out of the drawer

Unfortunately, many people hide their cutting board away in the drawer or cabinet, and that's a shame. A cutting board can be extremely decorative - especially if your kitchen is primarily black and white. If you choose a wooden cutting board, it can help to add some warmth to the room, while a marble cutting board adds elegance.

Serving dishes

Invite your friends for a delicious tapas evening and serve ham, sausage and cheese on beautiful serving dishes and bread in braided baskets. Serving dishes can be used in many ways. You can also serve the birthday cake on a round serving platter or serve a decorative and delicious candy bowl on an elongated platter. Only your imagination sets the limits.