Living room

Rivel Cushion, Red, Recycled Cotton


Rivel Cushion, Red, Recycled Cotton


L60xW40 cm

RRP 25,90

Rodi Pendant Lamp, Black, BambooRodi Pendant Lamp, Black, Bamboo


Rodi Pendant Lamp, Black, Bamboo


D42xH30 cm

RRP 199,00

Rodi Pendant Lamp, Nature, BambooRodi Pendant Lamp, Nature, Bamboo


Rodi Pendant Lamp, Nature, Bamboo


D42xH30 cm

RRP 199,00

Rodin Rug, Brown, JuteRodin Rug, Brown, Jute


Rodin Rug, Brown, Jute


L200xW140 cm

RRP 229,00

Rodion Throw, Grey, Recycled CottonRodion Throw, Grey, Recycled Cotton


Rodion Throw, Grey, Recycled Cotton


L160xW130 cm

RRP 21,90

Roha Deco Flowerpot, Brown, TerracottaRoha Deco Flowerpot, Brown, Terracotta


Roha Deco Flowerpot, Brown, Terracotta


D20,5xH15 cm

RRP 37,90

Rokiya Deco Flowerpot, White, Terracotta


Rokiya Deco Flowerpot, White, Terracotta


D27,5xH20 cm

RRP 64,90

Romir Cushion, Brown, CottonRomir Cushion, Brown, Cotton


Romir Cushion, Brown, Cotton


L45xW45 cm

RRP 39,90

Ronda Coffee Table, Nature, OakRonda Coffee Table, Nature, Oak


Ronda Coffee Table, Nature, Oak


D60xH40 cm

RRP 299,00

Rosalia Hook, Brown, MDFRosalia Hook, Brown, MDF


Rosalia Hook, Brown, MDF


L9xH8xW10 cm, Set of 3

RRP 24,90

Rosana Mobile, Brown, CottonRosana Mobile, Brown, Cotton


Rosana Mobile, Brown, Cotton


D20,5xH50 cm

RRP 49,90

Roseanna Floor Lamp, Black, MetalRoseanna Floor Lamp, Black, Metal


Roseanna Floor Lamp, Black, Metal


D28xH150 cm

RRP 229,00

Nordic interior design for the living room

The living room is the very heart of the home. Create an inviting atmosphere with candlelight in votives, soft cushions and throws, and a carefully chosen selection of home accessories in a trendy Nordic design by Bloomingville.  

Furnishing the living room

When you are decorating your living room, it is a good idea to think about how you will use it. A living room often has many functions. It can be a place where you relax and watch television, sit in an armchair and read a good book, play on the floor with the children, drink coffee and eat cake at the coffee table when there are guests and so on.

What they have in common is that the living room is a safe and cozy place that invites you to spend quiet and good times alone and with the family. With handpicked interior and accessories from Bloomingville, you can decorate a personal and stylish living room.

Create zones in the living room with rugs on the floor

Rugs on the floor are much more than just nice to look at and soft to walk on. Use carpets to divide the living room into zones and delimit the different rooms in the living room. For example, you can place a larger carpet under the coffee table and sofa, and a smaller round carpet under the armchair in the corner and a cozy carpet that invites you to play at child height.

At Bloomingville, we have a large selection of carpets in many different sizes, patterns, colors and materials. So whether you like the round ones, the soft ones, the ones with tassels, the calm ones or the colorful ones, you can find a carpet that fits your living room and your style exactly.

Stylish storage for the living room

Just like in the other rooms of the house, there is also a need for storage space in the living room. Store magazines in a stylish magazine holder next to the sofa or you can decorate the wall by hanging up your storage and create a more free space.

Do the children's colorful toys occupy the living room? Then give it discreet packaging in the form of a storage box on wheels or a nice wicker basket. If you are one of those who have jumped on board with the knitting trend, then you know that the knitting and the yarn should of course be right near the soft seats in the living room. Our proposal is in a beautiful basket in bamboo or sea grass. You can also conveniently store plaids in one of these baskets. You can also jump with the decor trend, where you put your decorative green plants in a natural basket.

Get warm with delicious plaids

In the cold winter months, there is nothing better than lighting the candles and settling down with a good movie, a cup of hot tea and a blanket. Ahhh….

Just because it's dark and cold outside, you don't have to freeze your toes. Warm yourself up on one of our delicious and soft throws, which you can find in exciting patterns in exactly your favorite colour. In addition to being comfortable, plaids are also decorative in the living room. You can either let the plaid hang over the armrest of the sofa or chaise longue or roll it up and put it in a nice basket.

Decorate with candlesticks and trinkets

No decorating the living room without candlesticks, vases, jars and other decorative items. If you ask us, they make all the difference. It is here that you can really show off your personal style when it comes to interior design.

At Bloomingville you can find a selection of candlesticks in Nordic style, from stoneware to metal. Complement your beautiful candlesticks with colored and twisted candles, which are popular as never before.