Alfi Birthday Decoration, Brown, MDFAlfi Birthday Decoration, Brown, MDF


Alfi Birthday Decoration, Brown, MDF

RRP 39,90

Berte Wall Decor, Black, Paper MacheBerte Wall Decor, Black, Paper Mache


Berte Wall Decor, Black, Paper Mache

RRP 37,90

Dott Mobile, Green, PolyesterDott Mobile, Green, Polyester


Dott Mobile, Green, Polyester

RRP 67,90

Flor Deco, Red, PolyresinFlor Deco, Red, Polyresin


Flor Deco, Red, Polyresin

RRP 39,90

Gunni Mobile, Brown, CottonGunni Mobile, Brown, Cotton


Gunni Mobile, Brown, Cotton

RRP 67,90

Huggi Deco, Brown, RattanHuggi Deco, Brown, Rattan


Huggi Deco, Brown, Rattan

RRP 89,90

Isak Wall Decor, Brown, CottonIsak Wall Decor, Brown, Cotton


Isak Wall Decor, Brown, Cotton

RRP 79,90

Jasser Money Bank, Green, StonewareJasser Money Bank, Green, Stoneware


Jasser Money Bank, Green, Stoneware

RRP 26,90

Jef Wall Decor, Nature, CottonJef Wall Decor, Nature, Cotton


Jef Wall Decor, Nature, Cotton

RRP 38,90

Knitte Flowerpot, Brown, StonewareKnitte Flowerpot, Brown, Stoneware


Knitte Flowerpot, Brown, Stoneware

RRP 13,90

Lennie Illustration w/ Frame, Black, PineLennie Illustration w/ Frame, Black, Pine


Lennie Illustration w/ Frame, Black, Pine

RRP 64,90

Leonel Wall Decor, Brown, BambooLeonel Wall Decor, Brown, Bamboo


Leonel Wall Decor, Brown, Bamboo

RRP 125,00

Decorations for the children's room in Nordic design

In the children's room, it is often the small details that make the difference. At Bloomingville MINI, we have a large selection of ornaments, decorations and accessories for the children's room, which add personality and create extra coziness for the little ones.

All our ornaments and decorations for the children's room are designed in muted colors in a Nordic style and with fine details, regardless of whether you are looking for posters, tapestries, rugs, mirrors or other fine wall decoration.

Wall decorations for the children's room

You can easily create an imaginative universe in the children's room by sprucing up the walls and using different decor that can hang with the home's smallest residents.

The walls can be decorated with colorful posters, mirrors and fine tapestries. Our selection of posters for children is packed with cute animals, letters, flowers, trees and other cute motifs that are guaranteed to bring happiness to the little ones.

The children also love Bloomingville's soft wall hangings. The favorites are with motifs of flowers and various lovely animals. They are made of cotton and come in beautiful colors - you can certainly find a motif that suits your child's taste.

If your child is a real animal lover, we can recommend our various animal heads, which can be hung on the wall in the style of a trophy. You will find both elephants, rhinos, bears and other animals made of papier mache. They are all adorable. A favorite decoration in many children's rooms.

Mobiles for children

For the very little ones, we have cute mobiles with different motifs such as turtles, farm animals, animals from the savannah and things from space. They are soft and made of fabric. They can hang over the changing area and create an eye-catcher for the little ones, who love to have something to look at during nappy changes.

For the slightly older children, we have different disturbances with dinosaurs, chandeliers and clowns that can hang from the ceiling in the children's room and create coziness.

Lots of nice decoration for the children's room

Bloomingville MINI's universe of ornaments and decorations for the children's room offers many possibilities. How about a floating air balloon made of rattan, plates with fun motifs, embroidered pirates in a round frame, a hanging bamboo rug with a motif of a lion or a mirror shaped like a flower? It doesn't necessarily take much before you create a visible change in the decor of the children's room.

We also have a selection of flowerpots, aprons, height meters, chalkboards, piggy banks and small wooden birthday trains for children.

At Bloomingville, we try to combine the children's adventurous approach to play and decoration with designs in an aesthetic and subdued style, which many parents appreciate.

Naturally, you must create exactly the children's room that seems the most inviting for play and fun for your child. We hope that together you can find sweet decorations and beautiful decorations that rhyme with lots of fun.