Agnes Basket, Nature, Water HyacinthAgnes Basket, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Agnes Basket, Nature, Water Hyacinth


D26xH26/D32xH32 cm, Set of 2

RRP 84,90

Bobbi Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water HyacinthBobbi Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Bobbi Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


L65xH45xW37 cm

RRP 199,00

Clennie Basket, Nature, CottonClennie Basket, Nature, Cotton


Clennie Basket, Nature, Cotton


D20xH20/D30xH30 cm, Set of 2

RRP 49,90

Fredie Basket w/Lid, Nature, SeagrassFredie Basket w/Lid, Nature, Seagrass


Fredie Basket w/Lid, Nature, Seagrass


L49xH39xW40 cm

RRP 99,90

Gerti Wall Basket, Nature, RattanGerti Wall Basket, Nature, Rattan


Gerti Wall Basket, Nature, Rattan


L44xH47xW13 cm

RRP 67,90

Jaspar Wall Basket, Nature, RattanJaspar Wall Basket, Nature, Rattan


Jaspar Wall Basket, Nature, Rattan


L41xH50xW14 cm

RRP 59,90

Mikki Basket w/Lid, Nature, SeagrassMikki Basket w/Lid, Nature, Seagrass


Mikki Basket w/Lid, Nature, Seagrass


D26xH30 cm

RRP 34,90

Toto Wall Basket, Brown, LinenToto Wall Basket, Brown, Linen


Toto Wall Basket, Brown, Linen


L46xH33xW7,5 cm

RRP 49,90

Birsen Basket w/Lid, Red, Water HyacinthBirsen Basket w/Lid, Red, Water Hyacinth


Birsen Basket w/Lid, Red, Water Hyacinth


D40xH40 cm

RRP 165,00

Corintha Basket w/Lid, Red, SeagrassCorintha Basket w/Lid, Red, Seagrass


Corintha Basket w/Lid, Red, Seagrass


D43xH61 cm

RRP 159,00

Cosmina Basket w/Lid, Nature, SeagrassCosmina Basket w/Lid, Nature, Seagrass


Cosmina Basket w/Lid, Nature, Seagrass


D40xH68,5 cm

RRP 139,00

Dolma Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water HyacinthDolma Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Dolma Basket w/Lid, Nature, Water Hyacinth


D42xH50 cm

RRP 139,00

Storage for the children's room in Nordic style

Are you looking for storage in trendy Nordic style to suit the children's room? Then say hello to Bloomingville MINI, which has both beautiful and practical storage solutions. With baskets, shelves, boxes, hooks and bookshelves, you can find exactly the kind of storage that matches your child's room and needs. Everything is designed in our characteristic Nordic style with muted colors and natural materials.

Every parent knows that you can never have enough storage. There is always a need for just a little more storage. That is why we have many different shapes, variants and sizes in storage for the children's room with high functionality, so that there is easily room for all the children's toys, creations, teddy bears, school supplies, dress-up clothes and so on.

Decorative and functional shelves for children's rooms

It can be difficult to keep the children's room tidy, but luckily there is help to be found at Bloomingville. Our selection of shelves means that you can easily get the children's toys off the floor and up to hang, so that they can be displayed for play or decoration.

We have classic wooden shelves that have space for toys, books and other things - and we also have wooden shelves shaped like a house, which can function both as a dollhouse at child height and a small functional desk.

If you are looking for bookcases, we have several different ones to choose from. Several of our small bookshelves for hanging on the wall are, for example, shaped like a fluffy cloud, a nice elephant, a cute teddy bear or a funny crab. It creates charm in the children's room as well as organizing the children's small things and books. The station wagon brings joy to young and old alike.

Boxes and baskets for organizing the children's room

Bloomingville MINI also offers a large selection of different boxes and baskets, which are perfect for toys, as they can hold a lot.

The baskets are made from natural materials such as water hyacinth and rattan, which add warmth and atmosphere to the children's room. They weigh nothing, so the children can find their toys themselves and pull them out to play.

Many of our storage boxes have wheels on them, which are particularly smart, so that the children themselves can drive the toys exactly where they want to play.

Good storage creates space and an overview

In many children's rooms, space is in short supply, and therefore both shelves, boxes and baskets can be functional helpers that can create space on the floor.

This naturally frees up space to be able to play on the floor, but it also gives the child the opportunity to better find his things and toys himself. In this way, the child can play undisturbed when mother or father do not have to be called first and help find a special gadget or exactly the toy that plays hide and seek with the child. Order and overview thus also help the child.

We hope that you find exactly the right storage solution for the children's room at Bloomingville MINI. We have tried to have a wide and fine assortment.