Children’s furniture

Bas Stool, Brown, OakBas Stool, Brown, Oak


Bas Stool, Brown, Oak


L35xH30xW30 cm

RRP 189,00

Bas Table, Brown, OakBas Table, Brown, Oak


Bas Table, Brown, Oak


L60xH50xW50 cm

RRP 369,00

Bertil Pouf, Red, PolyesterBertil Pouf, Red, Polyester


Bertil Pouf, Red, Polyester


D37xH35 cm

RRP 139,00

Charlie Shelf, Brown, MDFCharlie Shelf, Brown, MDF


Charlie Shelf, Brown, MDF


L54xH18,5xW12 cm

RRP 39,90

Hanibal Shelf, Nature, Water HyacinthHanibal Shelf, Nature, Water Hyacinth


Hanibal Shelf, Nature, Water Hyacinth


L36xH45,5xW45,5 cm

RRP 94,90

Jo Headboard, Yellow, CottonJo Headboard, Yellow, Cotton


Jo Headboard, Yellow, Cotton


L100xH91xW6 cm

RRP 399,00

Jo Pouf, Brown, CottonJo Pouf, Brown, Cotton


Jo Pouf, Brown, Cotton


D43xH32 cm

RRP 179,00

Mallen Shelf, Nature, PlywoodMallen Shelf, Nature, Plywood


Mallen Shelf, Nature, Plywood


L60xH20xW8 cm

RRP 59,90

Mini Sole Chair, Nature, BambooMini Sole Chair, Nature, Bamboo


Mini Sole Chair, Nature, Bamboo


L45xH55xW45 cm

RRP 139,00

Mini Sole Sofa, Nature, BambooMini Sole Sofa, Nature, Bamboo


Mini Sole Sofa, Nature, Bamboo


L89xH55xW45 cm

RRP 199,00

Nosa Hook, Grey, CeramicNosa Hook, Grey, Ceramic


Nosa Hook, Grey, Ceramic


L6,5xH11xW2,5 cm

RRP 8,50

Nosa Hook, Orange, CeramicNosa Hook, Orange, Ceramic


Nosa Hook, Orange, Ceramic


L5,5xH11xW4 cm

RRP 8,50

Nordic designed children's furniture

Welcome to the children's room at Bloomingville MINI, where you step into a world of soft colors, cute toys and interiors that tell a story. We create children's furniture in Nordic style, so that they both fit into any home, and at the same time make the little children's hearts happy.

Our children's furniture in Bloomingville MINI forms a magical and playful universe for the little ones, where we combine the practical with aesthetics - without of course compromising the children's wishes. That way, sweet and cute go hand in hand with stylish and neat.

Our collection of furniture for the children's room offers storage, furniture, textiles, rugs, baskets, decoration, toys, frames, and tableware.

Decorating the children's room with children's furniture

On Instagram, it is almost impossible not to come by all the pretty and inviting children's rooms, where all details are consistent, and the styling of children's furniture and various trinkets is in focus. The decor often also reflects the child's personality with whimsical finds, treasure chests of favorite things and fine colors on the walls.

Our children's furniture is designed in warm colors and cute motifs, which invite play and creativity for children of all ages. The range includes tables, bookshelves, cots, chairs, pouffes, beds, shelves, coat racks, shelves and much more.

It is all designed in the well-known Nordic style that characterizes the Bloomingville MINI. We design children's furniture so that they are both neat enough for the Instagram feed, and at the same time create lots of personality and charm in the children's room.

Children's furniture with different functions

Our selection of furniture for the children's room offers the opportunity to create order, space, or cosiness, depending on what you are looking for.

If you need to create more order in the children's room, our baskets are absolutely perfect for the purpose. All parents know that one cannot get enough storage. We have baskets in all sizes, and many of them are shaped like, for example, cute animals, cozy houses, or lovely mushrooms that decorates the room at the same time. The baskets are made of natural materials like water hyacinth and rattan that add warmth and ambiance. At the same time, they weigh nothing, so children can easily find their toys and take them out to play.

Space is also often in short supply in the children's room, where we can especially recommend our spacious shelves, hooks and bookshelves that allow you to remove things from the floor, for example. It also creates order and gives the child a better overview of his figures, teddy bears, costumes, bags, cars, or books.

We have plenty of cosiness factor in the children's room. In fact, all of our children's furniture oozes coziness. But if you want to add a bit more atmosphere, soft fabrics are always a good place to start. In our Bloomingville MINI collection, the pillows are with cute animal motifs and in fine colors, animals and flowers characterize the warm plaids, and the carpets are soft, in muted shades and shaped like animals and clouds, for example. A carpet in the children's room rhymes with more than cosiness - it is also a practical choice, as the play in the children's room often takes place on the floor.

Children's furniture in wood

Many of our most popular children's furniture is made of wood. These are favorites such as small chairs, tables and stools in rattan, the cutest little lounge chair in bamboo, a decorative shelf made of water hyacinth and a lovely children's bench in bamboo.

The characteristics of our furniture for the children's room are the good quality and wood as a material choice. We hope that the children's furniture creates lots of joy and coziness at child height.