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Liberty Votive, Purple, Glass


Liberty Votive, Purple, Glass

RRP 46,90

Liberty Votive, White, Glass


Liberty Votive, White, Glass

RRP 19,90

Lieu Rug, Black, JuteLieu Rug, Black, Jute


Lieu Rug, Black, Jute

RRP 99,90

Lila Cup, Grey, StonewareLila Cup, Grey, Stoneware


Lila Cup, Grey, Stoneware

RRP 44,90

Lila Egg Cup, Grey, StonewareLila Egg Cup, Grey, Stoneware


Lila Egg Cup, Grey, Stoneware

RRP 24,90

Lilah Bowl, Brown, StonewareLilah Bowl, Brown, Stoneware


Lilah Bowl, Brown, Stoneware

RRP 16,90

Lili Jug, Orange, StonewareLili Jug, Orange, Stoneware


Lili Jug, Orange, Stoneware

RRP 39,90

Lilie Serving Plate, Green, StonewareLilie Serving Plate, Green, Stoneware


Lilie Serving Plate, Green, Stoneware

RRP 28,90

Lill Basket w/Lid, Brown, Bankuan GrassLill Basket w/Lid, Brown, Bankuan Grass


Lill Basket w/Lid, Brown, Bankuan Grass

RRP 145,00

Lilla Basket, Nature, RattanLilla Basket, Nature, Rattan


Lilla Basket, Nature, Rattan

RRP 149,00

Lillie Tray, Gold, AluminumLillie Tray, Gold, Aluminum


Lillie Tray, Gold, Aluminum

RRP 62,90

Lillja Basket, Brown, Water Hyacinth


Lillja Basket, Brown, Water Hyacinth

RRP 129,00

Passion for home interiors and Nordic design

At Bloomingville, we have everything in home interiors that helps you create just the right atmosphere in your home. You can find beautiful home interiors from our four brands: Bloomingville, Bloomingville MINI, Creative Collection and ILLUME x Bloomingville.

Do you also have a passion for home interiors and design? Let yourself be inspired by our many unique styles in beautiful Nordic design. We have furniture, decorations and interiors for: living room, kitchen, office and entrance hall, bedroom and bathroom, children's room and garden. You will also find a lot of nice things for Christmas, lamps for the home and everything for Christmas. We have everything you need to create a cozy home.

Home interior for the living room

In the living room, you can create the coziest setting with our home interior such as tealight holders, cushions, throws, rugs, trinkets and decorative art - all in Bloomingville's Nordic design - perfect for decorating the heart of the home. We also have plenty of storage for the living room, which is both functional and atmospheric. It's everything from stylish magazine holders to boxes in natural materials.

Home interior for the kitchen

We have everything you dream of to design a beautiful kitchen in modern Scandinavian style. See our large selection of stoneware frames, cutting boards, serving dishes, trays, jars for storage and all kinds of kitchen utensils. Then you can create order in kitchen drawers or on the kitchen table, set a beautiful table, serve cakes on fine dishes and decorate the kitchen with atmosphere and style.

Residential interior for office and entrance hall

Decorate your entrance hall with hooks, mirrors and smart storage solutions. Our interior makes it possible to combine the practical with the aesthetic. You can also create a completely new and cozy home office with our decorative office items, so that it becomes an inspiring place to sit and work. We also have a hand-picked selection of beautiful boxes for storage and neat magazine holders that make it all that much nicer in the home office.

Home interior for the bedroom

Get a stylish expression in your bedroom with a headboard that gives a hotel feeling, and a delicious bedspread that turns up the luxurious look. Put lovely pillows on top of the bedspread, which fit in with the color theme and style you have chosen in the bedroom. Bloomingville also has a lot of trinkets to create an atmosphere in the bedroom such as scented candles, vases, carpets, mirrors and soft textiles. It all rhymes with "ahhh".

Home interior for the children's room

Bloomingville MINI is our collection of interiors for the children's room, which offers storage, furniture, textiles, rugs, baskets, decoration, toys, frames, tableware and much more. It is a colorful universe at children's height and always created with the story in focus, so that it puts hearts in the eyes of the children. Furnish the children’s room with soft teddy bears, fun storage boxes, the finest play kitchen or cute children's furniture - all in a trendy Nordic design that we love so much.

Have fun decorating your dream home.